She’ll Never Walk Cornelia Street Again


Credit: PopBase on Twitter

[Editor’s Note: This is an opinion piece, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the entire Willistonian staff.]
Taylor Swift fans were in shambles on Easter Sunday after reports of a split from her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn.
Here’s why I, an avid Swift fan, believe it to be true.
Entertainment Tonight first broke the news, claiming they learned “exclusively.” People then wrote about the split next, crediting ET for the information. CNN then also reported that they confirmed the news with the couple’s reps. It’s been published that Alwyn, 32, wanted to settle down with Swift, 33, but her fame is only on the rise, with no apparent closure in the near future. He wanted a bride but she was making her own name, chasing that fame.
Swift, currently on her “Eras” tour, is known for how private she keeps most of her life. For the level of fame she has achieved, her number of public appearances are low.
Swift has been a household name for years, and over that time has developed her own language between her and her fanbase, the Swifties. The songwriter weaves clear messages and personal stories into her discography. Such instances include “Dear John” about her past relationship with singer John Mayer.
Now let’s unpack the evidence pointing towards the couple’s split.
Track 14 of the “Reputation” album is “Call It What You Want,” which features the popular verse, “I want to wear his initial on a chain ‘round my neck / not because he owns me / but cause he really knows me.” Swift has been seen many times in the couple’s six-year relationship wearing a necklace that features a “J.”
On Monday April 10, Swift was photographed in New York wearing a necklace that was clearly not the iconic one mentioned. With her level of privacy, I interpreted this as confirmation that yes, they did break up. Obviously, she is not oblivious to the stories surrounding her name in the past 72 hours, and she knew by going into public, she’d be photographed in some way. It was a clear and decisive choice to not wear the “J” necklace, let alone wear a necklace at all. This was Swift’s way of confirming the rumors to the world. If it was all just speculation, she would have worn his initial just to end the rumors.
Senior Pippa Berry, a longtime Swift fan, was quick to point out that her top worn on Monday mirrors the neckline and color of Princess Diana’s famous “revenge” dress, which she wore after her messy divorce with the now King Charles.
Lady Di walked so that Taylor Swift could run.
On the second night of the long-awaited “Eras” tour, on March 18, Swift switched out her track “invisible string” for “the 1.” The latter is, at first listen, what one would call a breakup song about losing the person you thought was your soulmate. The chorus goes, “and if my wishes came true / it would’ve been you /In my defense I have none. For leaving well enough alone. But it would’ve been fun, if you would’ve been the one.” At the time, it seemed like maybe she was just switching her setlist up. But now it can be seen as proof that her long relationship with Alwyn has come to an end.
Another piece of evidence that came directly from the “Eras” tour was the opening montage that featured the “Lover” house being burnt down. So it’s gonna be forever / or it’s gonna go down in flames.
Swift has each of her albums portrayed through houses. The “Lover” album, from 2019, is, true to its name, undoubtedly filled with love letters, some even written to Alwyn, a U.K. native, including “London Boy.”
While this could be symbolic of her breaking away from former manager Scooter Braun, it could also be interpreted as her burning down the entire “Lover” album, a symbolic representation of a significant break up.
The final two pieces of evidence also come from the billion-dollar tour in the form of two specific songs.
Swift’s opens her set with “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince.” While this could show some sort of heartbreak, I don’t think it’s the case. “Miss Americana,” the name of her Netflix documentary from 2020, features the lyrics “It’s been a long time coming,” referring to the long-awaited tour.
During the “evermore” portion of the show on April 1, clips of which are floating around the internet, she sings “champagne problems” and becomes visibly emotional during the lyrics, “I never was ready so I watch you go / sometimes you just don’t know the answer / ‘till someone’s on their knees and asks you / ‘she would’ve made such a lovely bride / what a shame she’s f*cked in the head.’” With their relationship coming up on six years, rumors of marriage and proposal swirled in the media, but never quite had enough evidence. Swift could be hinting that she could’ve been Alwyn’s future bride, but she longer will be.
All this evidence pointing towards a breakup is meant to be taken with a grain of salt. Swift and Alwyn both lead very private lives and we may not know what their status is for a while. It’s also, quite honestly, not really my business, but it’s okay to be curious. Fans are looking to the two “surprise songs” that Swift will perform in Tampa tonight (April 13) her next stop on the “Eras” tour, to be an indication for her fans. For now, I believe that Miss Americana and her London Boy are calling it quits but call it what you want.