The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

Apple Strikes Deal with Open AI

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Apple is just made a deal with OpenAI, and we could see a GPT-supercharged Siri in the upcoming months.

Apple and OpenAI are nearing a partnership deal to bring advanced artificial intelligence to upcoming Apple devices and strengthen its position on the A.I. market. The unveiling of OpenAI’s newly upgraded GPT 4o (the “o” stands for “omni”) adds to the hype and might shape the future of Apple users.

OpenAI is an American artificial intelligence research company that has developed “ safe and beneficial” A.I. that could “outperform humans at most economically valuable work,” as described on its web page. One of the leading faces in artificial intelligence, their flagship product, ChatGPT, revolutionized the world with its ability to communicate with the user, write wholly and comprehensively, compose music, translate and interpret text, generate business ideas, and much more. Their image generation model Dall-E and video generator Sora has also brought attention from all across the globe. It has attracted nearly 200 million users around the world, according to

As of this date, Apple and OpenAI are nearing an agreement on implementing the A.I. company’s technology into the upcoming iOS 15; this will be the most substantial upgrade to Apple devices in years, according to Bloomberg. The integration of OpenAI tech, such as ChatGPT, will likely be done through Apple’s virtual assistant Siri, which will be able to carry out much more complex tasks and perform better overall.

To date, Apple has been facing an antitrust lawsuit for monopolization. It is unknown whether the recent monopoly lawsuit against Apple might break this deal.

Kimberly Polin, Williston’s Dean of Students, thinks that while ChatGPT and other A.I. resources can be helpful, they must be used responsibly and according to school policy.

“Many students tell me that they use ChatGPT productively to get answers to questions, help them write things like emails to teachers, or to help them organize their thinking,” she said. :However, I have also seen a number of students use ChatGPT dishonestly. It is against school policy to submit words that were not written by the student; this includes sentences that were generated through tools like ChatGPT or other AI-integrated tools like Grammarly.”

She thinks A.I is a remarkable tool; however, it has its faults.

“Generate AI tools add new options (in addition to things like Google and Wikipedia) to distill the vastness of the internet into something easily consumable,” she explained. “They also can make suggestions to act as inspiration or a springboard into your own work. We have to remember, however, that generative AI tools like ChatGPT are making a guess about how to reply to prompts based on the patterns in millions of websites. These generated responses are not based on internet searches that reference fact-checked sources. So, it’s very important, if you use ChatGPT for research, to verify what is generated.”

She thinks excessive help from such A.I tools take away learning from students

“It’s very important to remember that our teachers want to see YOUR work so they can give you feedback to help you grow,” said Polin. “An easy way to know if you’ve crossed the line is to simply ask yourself whether you’ve written the sentences you are submitting. If the answer is not 100% “yes!” then you may be called into my office to discuss academic dishonesty.”

“There is no shortcut to learning; you still have to do the work and practice in order to grow” added Polin.

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