The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

Prom Dresses Trend Toward Simpler, Less Flowery Look

Credit: Williston Flickr

Many high schoolers are ditching the traditional sequin and lace prom dresses for a new, simpler look.

Williston’s prom is just around the corner, and many have already purchased their dresses. Since we are in prom season, a controversy has sparked on TikTok, with some people supporting the more traditional prom dresses and calling out others by saying their dresses look like “Easter Dresses.”

Recent trends include neutral colors and a sleek, sheer look, which makes outfits look effortless and sophisticated. Although they are loved by many, the sequins, sparkles, and multicolor prom dresses traditionally favored this time of year are not seen as much anymore. Popular prom dresses in the past few years include pleated material, silks, lighter colors, and floral patterns.

Annika Song, junior from Austin, Texas, is still in favor of sparkly prom dresses because it is rare to be able to wear such an extravagant dress in one’s life.

“I think some are really pretty, but I agree with people that think we should bring back sparkly prom dresses because it’s prom, and easter dresses wear you can wear wherever, and prom dresses you can’t wear wherever except prom,” she said.  “You only get to experience that maybe two times.”

Prom is May 20, at the Log Cabin in Holyoke close to campus. Students take pictures before, and again at prom. Prom is just for seniors, but they are able to invite juniors or sophomores as their plus ones.

Afterwards, seniors go to the “Lock In,” which is a sleepover, from 11:00 – 6:00 a.m. in the gym with fun activities such as bouncy houses, good food, prizes, laser tag, open pool and much more. Seniors then skip school the next day to sleep after a long night in the gym.

On TikTok, the account @Josie.Schuette posted her opinions on easter prom dresses in a March 22 video that so far has more than 750,000 views.

“Im [sic] not even in hs- I graduated like 5 years ago but girlie,” the video reads. “WEAR THE SPARLKY PROM DRESS- this Easter dress trend is dumb- I LIVE to see y’all’s sparkly dresses- sincerely, a girl who never went to prom.”

Popular brands that sell Easter-style prom dresses are Loveshackfacy and For Love and Lemons. These brands sell mainly floral prints, and have grown popular over the last four years.

Siga Pouye, Williston class of 2023 and freshman at NYU, is in favor of continuing with the standard prom dresses.

“It’s hard because growing up I definitely wanted a big poofy dress, and by the time prom was happening, styles completely changed,” said Pouye. “I think I prefer traditional because there’s more room for a wide range of dresses and styles rather than having most girls show up in similar dresses.”

Mina Sugiyama, junior from Tokyo, Japan, thinks Easter prom dresses look better in the setting of the Log Cabin and the time of day prom takes place.

“Pictures are taken at the Log Cabin when it is still sunny, and I feel like floral dresses look better under the sun,” Mina said.

Mina also argues that Easter-style prom dresses can be worn to events other than prom, making them more financially practical.

“If it’s a floral dress, you can wear it on vacation too, so it’s not just like a one-time thing,” she said. “Why would you spend a few hundred dollars on something you will never wear again?”

Siga says that no matter what you wear, it should be your decision and not influenced by others.

“There’s something fun about the individuality of picking out your perfect prom dress that fits you, and not just fitting a trend,” she said.

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