Willympics Makes Triumphant Return


Normal Willympics made its return to campus after being slightly altered last year due, like everything else, to Covid.

The event took place Sept. 18 on Sawyer Field, an outside space, allowing students to participate in events without masks. Each dorm presented their banner, which they made throughout the week, as well as competed in mini games such as musical chairs, riddle me this, spike ball, wall sit, and a paper bag competition.

Last year, because of Covid-19, the events at Willympics looked a little different, playing out over different weekends in the fall and winter. Additionally, there was never an official winner announced, where in years past, someone was revealed to be the winner on the night the events first took place.

Leading up to the competition, Emma Merrill, a senior living in EMV, was really looking forward to Willympics. Emma believed that Ford would be the one to beat.

“I feel like they are always big competition,” she said.

Jules Constantinople, also a senior resident of EMV, agreed with Emma that Ford would be their biggest rival.

“I think they bring some big competition,” Jules said.

Benning Johnson, a senior proctor in Ford, responded to the comments made by Jules and Emma following the competition.

“Even though Ford Hall was missing around three quarters of our dorm, we brought the heat,” Benning said. “EMV had no clue what hit them.”

Ford came out of the competition tied for fourth with John Hazen White, while EMV currently sits in third. Wold House (formerly known as 194), is currently in the lead, followed closely by Mem East and the Day Students in a tie for second. The fifth, sixth, and seventh spots go to John Wright, Mem West, and Hathaway, respectively.

Erin Davey, the Director of Student Activities, put together the event, and thought that it went very well.

“Every team showed up with incredible enthusiasm, wonderful competitive spirit, and the willingness to put themselves forward for their teams,” Davey said. “In my mind it was one of the best Willympics yet.”

A winner has not yet been announced, because the Willympics will finish in finale fashion with the lip sync competition at a date to be announced.

“The keys to winning the lip sync are song choice, choreography, and involvement,” Davey added. “The scores are so close that whoever takes the lip sync has a great chance of winning.”