Williston Chorus Concert Embraces International Culture


Credit: Williston Communications Office

20 songs, four different languages, and over 100 people took down the house on Tuesday’s Fall Concert.

Steve Berlanga, the Director of the middle school and upper school choirs, is going on his second year at Williston. The acts that performed in the 2017 Fall Concert are middle school choir, the Caterwallers, the Widdigers, the Wildchords, and Teller chorus.

The Caterwallers and Widdigers are a class during the day that works all trimester to prepare a full set of music.

Maddie Elsea ’19 is in her fifth year of chorus and said her experience was “really fun and challenging, but [she] learned a lot.”

Before the concert, Maddie remarked, “I think it’s going to be really good and a nice mix of music from all around the world.”

Berlanga chose a repertoire consisting French pieces like L’ange Gardien, Parting Glass in the style of the Walling Jennies, and a Spanish piece called Three Mexican Folk Songs.

He said, “It’s been fairly good! Lots of different environments. For instance, the Widdigers are just six girls that are really good.”

“We have a really great working mode of operation, and we make great music,” Berlanga added.

The Caterwallers are “fifteen guys [that] sound great!” according to Berlanga. “Their blend is good, they know how to listen to each other when we are signing together, but they don’t know how to listen the rest of the time,” Berlanga joked.

He was especially enthusiastic about the middle schoolers.

“There [are] 54 of them and me, and I only see them three times every two weeks, so there’s not really enough time for things to set in, but we have fun, and that’s the important thing,” Berlanga said.

To Berlanga, overall, the concert went well.

“I think it went very well, all things considered, we had to cut a lot of things. Overall, I cut four pieces from the program but that also has to do with how I choose music, planning, rehearsal time, and all of that.”