Where Can You Use Your Sammy Card in Town?


Credit: Jamie Gallea.

The Williston Sammy Cards, which serve as keys as well as debit cards, have expanded their usage outside of school grounds. This improvement has had a big impact on the town of Easthampton.

Williston students have the ability to input money onto their Sammy Cards to use as a debit card around campus, as well as  at a variety of shops around town.  Tandem Bagel Company, a local Easthampton bagel shop, accepts students’ Sammy Cards and has since it opened in 2012.  Tandem employee Andrea Zawacki revealed the positive impact the acceptance of Sammy Cards has on the business.

Because they’re right on campus, Zawacki said, “it’s been great since we get all the kids.”

Sophomore Adamma Eze is grateful for the usage of Sammy Cards outside the school, and while she has been to stores that both accept and decline the school cards, she believes more businesses will make decision to accept Sammy Cards, especially taking into consideration how easy they are for students to use.

“Since it’s a big and very popular school, it would do better for stores’ business because kids will start to buy there more,” she said.

Stores and shops such as Pride and Family Dollar  o not take Sammy Cards. An employee at Pride, at 60 Union Street, would not comment on their denial of Sammy Cards.

Family Dollar, at 90 Union Street, does not take Sammy Cards, but employee Tyler Dionne told The Willistonian he wishes they did.  After the Williston business office reached out, Dionne said that he has talked to his district manager about the idea and is waiting for a response.  He believes the usage and acceptance of the school cards will “improve business, sales, and also help out with the kids who cannot actually afford everything they want to get.”

The Willistonian spoke with Karen Yarra, the Accounts Receivable Coordinator in the Business Office at Williston, who said letting students use Sammy Cards instead of having to carry around cards or cash is safer and easier.  Yarra also stated that there are plans to add Golden China Pan, Union Street Bistro and Bakery, as well as Family Dollar, to the list of businesses that accept Sammy Cards.