What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?


The salad bar is swamped, the gym is packed, and New years resolution-ers are only getting started in their new self-improvement campaigns.

It happens every year: people all over create goals and ways to improve themselves in the new year, as a symbolic rebirth of themselves.

Many on Williston’s campus follow this same practice, making promises to be better in the 2020, such as eating better and exercising.

Hailing from Shutesbury, Mass., sophomore boarder Ella Mattocks has a rather unique and ambitious goal for herself this year.

“This is an intriguing topic,” she said. “I would like to become a millionaire this year, that’s my resolution.”

While Ella is chasing monetary success, Brodie Fazio ’21 from Longmeadow, Mass., is dumping soda and soft drinks.

“My resolution is to stay away from soda as much as possible,” said Brodie. “I’d like to make all around better food choices, but soda is the focus.

Choosing the classic route, junior George Spence from Easthampton, would like to get in the weight room more often.

“First off I’d really like to get into the gym more often,” said George. “I think it’s pretty doable if I make a habit out of it and get on a good program.”

Along with pumping iron, George, like many others on campus, would also like to start getting up earlier.

“I’d really like to start getting up earlier, but with my school work and life its really going to be challenging,” he said.

While George and Brodie focus on improving their physical health and appearance, Senior Louisa Weed from Jupiter, FL would like to bring more positivity into her day-to-day life.

“I’d like to face everyday with positivity,” said Louisa. “I want to bring more peace and love into my life.”

Louisa expressed the importance positivity and giving back in her final year at Williston, and not missing out on anything.

“Especially being a senior, I don’t want to regret or miss anything in my time left here,” said Louisa. “I want to give back and appreciate the people who made my time so special.”