What’s Your Favorite Class?


Each year, Williston students are required to choose a handful of courses to fill their schedules, but with so many options, a few classes stand out as favorites among the whole student body.
For some, choosing only one favorite class was a challenge.
Williston offers over 140 classes, 27 being Advanced Placement courses. Students are allowed to take a maximum of six classes each trimester, though most students take only five. Williston has an incredibly diverse course of studies with classes from Documentary Photography to Women and Gender Studies to Behavioral Psychology and Ceramics.
Students are still adjusting to their new classes for the 2021-22 school year. While everyone is excited for the opportunities a new year brings, some reminisce on classes they have taken in past years. Whether it is because of the material learned or the teacher, every student has a favorite class.
Avi Falk, a senior boarder from Longmeadow, Mass., has fond memories of Mr. Gunn’s AP Government and Politics class, which he took junior year.
“It was an entirely different type of class,” he said. “It taught me a lot about myself, working in group projects, handling the time management of a long-term project and thinking on my feet.”
In a survey offered to the current student body and alumni, AP Government and Politics is tied with Journalism for the favorite class offered at Williston.
Six-year senior Adeline Hume said AP U.S. History, which she took as a junior, is her favorite class.
“It is the only class that I have ever enjoyed doing homework for,” she said. Along with Mr. Doubleday’s teaching style, Adeline added, “I liked how we criticized U.S. history as well as seeing how the past applies to the present.”
Poppy de Luzuriaga, a four-year senior boarder, discussed how difficult it can be to get into popular classes. In Poppy’s case, this class was Forensic Science, a notoriously “super busy class.”
Forensics is a trimester-long science elective. Poppy said she has “been trying since the end of sophomore year to get in but I didn’t get a spot until this year.” She credits this acceptance to her level of priority as a senior.
“I am taking it in the spring and I’m really excited, but I wish it was more accessible sooner,” Poppy said. Despite the delay, she “can’t wait to be in it.”