What Students Say Sets Williston Apart

There is something different about Williston compared to other boarding schools. It might be the way that the quad lights up in the Spring, beautiful green leaves, and students sitting on the Adirondack chairs. It might be the communal obsession with Tandem Bagel Company or the newly built residential quad. Whatever it is, Williston is different.
Meryl Sesselberg, a senior from Cape Elizabeth, Maine, living in Memorial Hall East, said that upon touring Williston, she felt an instant connection, and that the people around her genuinely cared for her.
“As I was touring schools, I was looking for a supportive environment. People who are touring colleges say they get a specific feeling while touring campuses, and that is the feeling that I got when I was here,” Meryl said. “I instantly noticed when I was walking around how friendly people were. Not just a few people, like the other schools. The faculty and the students wanted what was best for me and cared about me, not just me coming to their school.”
Lupe Oloyede, a sophomore from Dallas, Texas, explained that the faculty members not only care about the students’ grades but also their well-being.
“The faculty is eager to teach and they care about the students more than they care about themselves,” Lupe explained. “It is selfless behavior.”
Abby Muscato, a sophomore from Arlington, Va., enjoys the fact that athletes of any level are welcomed and respected.
“The sports team vary in the competition level and bring on a sense of community for all athletes, which become your second family,” Abby, a field hockey player, swimmer, and water polo player, said.
Teagan Duffy, a sophomore from Cumberland, Maine, said the most unique part of Williston is how close it is to the surrounding town.
“I really appreciate the proximity it has with the towns around it,” Teagan said. “Not only the closeness we have to the town around us, but the ability we have to visit local businesses and give support to the community around us.”
Erin Davey, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Community Life, has been at Williston for 11 years. She agreed that Williston’s location and the surrounding restaurants, such as Kisara and La Veracruzana, set Williston apart from other prep schools such as Proctor Academy, a school she previously worked at.
“I would say one of the things that has kept me here is the location and the unique aspect of Williston,” Davey explained. “There is a lot of culture and nearby attractions that allow me to do my job in a very specific way. I do think that kids have the freedom to be fully and authentically themselves, and that is the same for the faculty. I feel safe enough to be myself fully, and I hope that is the same for the students.”
Kate Garrity, Director of Student Life Curriculum, who has been working at Williston for eight years and previously worked at The Frederick Gunn School for 10 years, joked that Williston has several unique aspects that set it apart, notably “take out food and cell phone service.”