Weekend Activities Adapt to New Restrictions


joanna chattman

Credit: Williston Flickr

The Williston community has been under strict COVID restrictions that don’t allow much social interaction, but kids are still finding ways to have fun.

Many socially distant activities have been organized for weekend nights. Such events have included a cornhole tournament, spike ball tournament, and capture the flag.

The cornhole tournament took place the first weekend of September with a large mass of students playing. The following weekend was the spike ball tournament that took place on Sawyer field, under the lights.

Williston senior Sumner Kissane enjoys the time that he spends with his friends.

“I was expecting to have bad weekends coming into school because of Covid restrictions and thought we would be locked in our rooms, and it’s a nice change of pace to be outside more,” he said. “It’s a chill environment to be outside on the quad with a fire and whatever entertainment there is that week. I honestly think this should have been a thing more often over my past four years here.”

Lily Shields enjoys that the community is able to get together.

“I like that we have all come together as a community and to make the best out of these tough times,” she said. “I’m hoping we could have a dance at some point, but I know that it’s probably not the best idea.”

Eve Seidman, Williston junior, thinks that “under the circumstances,” the activities have been good

“I think the school has done a good job trying to keep students busy.”

Rosie Crooker, a junior, thinks the activities have been successful, even when kids must be kept apart.

“I think so far they have been really good and it been a good way to get people involved even though we have to be socially distant.”

Sophomore Luke Ballard has enjoyed all the activities, notably the “spike ball tournament, kickball game, and the softball game.”