The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

You’ve Heard of Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man, but Have you Heard of Pittman?

Credit: Williston Flickr

One boys Varsity Basketball player is bringing his hard work ethic and positive attitude and outlook to the team, and to everything he does off the court as well. George Alley, known as Pittman, walked on to the Varsity Basketball team this winter. Pittman trained throughout the fall on the court and in Athletic Performance to earn a spot on the team. This is quite an accomplishment, since many of the varsity players are recruited for the team.

Pittman, 18, from Lake Forest, Illinois, started playing basketball in fifth grade. He previously went to The Lawrenceville School, in New Jersey, but liked the community and basketball culture better at Williston. The name “Pittman” comes from the minister that married his parents; his mom wanted to get married in Arizona, but her pastor was in Michigan. So, he came to Arizona and married them.

In the fall, Pittman did Athletic Performance with Coach Lapan along with going to the basketball courts everyday to train. He also spends time focusing on his mental health to stay in a positive mindset.

“Coach Lapan did a really good job getting me ready physically in Athletic performance,” Pittman said. “I have started to meditate to get me ready mentally, playing in the runs twice a week has been great to figure out my role within the team and just getting in the gym once or twice a day to work on my game with different workouts.”

Jason Tirrell, Athletic Equipment Manager, admires Pittman’s dedication and consistency to becoming a better athlete.

“Pittman does not come into the gym once in a while, he comes in on a regular and consistent basis,” Tirrell, known as JT, said. “Shot after shot after shot, hundreds everyday. Pittman always seems to be out on the basketball court fine-tuning his shot and bettering his game.”

Coaching, in the future, is one of Pittman’s main goals. He stays focused and dedicates as much time as he can on achieving this goal.

”I love the game and I really want to get into coaching and in order to do that, you know, I love basketball but I have to turn my work into play,” he said. “At the end of the day, I can only work so hard, so putting in the work whenever I can is really important to me.”

Tirrell told The Willistonian he admires Pittman’s work ethic and passion for basketball.

“Pittman enters the gym with purpose and focus, he doesn’t come in to just ‘shoot around,'” Tirrell said. “He is focused on every detail involved in his practice regiment and always seems to be striving for that next level.”

Pittman’s strengths go far beyond the basketball court. His persevering attitude is also shown in his schoolwork and studying habits.

Katya Krasnovskaya is a senior is in AP Gov with Pittman, and told The Willistonian that he creates a Quizlet before every quiz or test, and shares it with their entire class to help them study.

“It helps me organize my studying and motivates me to actually study,” Katya said.

If you have seen Pittman around campus, you have most likely noticed him carrying a big water bottle. Pittman noted that although it is annoying, it is extremely important to stay hydrated.

“I drink about three liters a day,” he said. “It’s a little obnoxious to carry around a big water bottle, but you gotta drink water and it gets me drinking water,” he said. “It helps get that lactic acid out and hydrated. Throw some pink salt in there, too.”

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    Erin GaudreauFeb 16, 2024 at 10:17 PM

    Great article!

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    Pam BrownFeb 14, 2024 at 10:16 PM

    Pittman sounds like a STAR – on & off the basket ball court.