Tuesday Night Hoops Strengthens Ford Bond


The guys playing. Credit: Abood

Every Tuesday night, the boys from Ford Hall take a study break and head to the gym.

For the past six consecutive years, Ford Hall has held Tuesday night basketball games, during which dorm members from all skill levels  — not just boys from the basketball team — engage in some relaxed, team building on the court.

The Williston Gymnasium is unavailable to students after 8pm on week days making this this activity a unique opportunity for Ford members to access the courts. Games start at 9:45 — just as study hall is ending —  and go for one hour.

Andrew Syfu, Head Dorm Parent of Ford, explained that these informal games started as a way to strengthen ties between members of the Ford Hall community.

“I was looking for ways to build community, and looked at different days of the week that we could do it,” he said. Syfu said it was also important because “it’s an activity that takes people away from their rooms and video games.”

Syfu believes that these weekly basketball games have been helpful to building a sense of community and camaraderie within the dorm. “It’s all voluntary and kind of up to people to buy in if they want but I do think it’s been a really helpful and positive thing for the guys,” he said. “Guys need some sort of study break.”

Since this activity is optional, different members of Ford Hall play for different reasons. Hockey players like Jake Sacratini plays to prove himself capable of competing among his dorm’s more recognizable basketball standouts, like Tyler Thomas ’19, John Kelly ’19, Solomon Neuhaus ’19, Abood Abuissa ’19, James Lustig ’19, and Nik Kovacevic ’19.

“I went to show everyone my skills and to prove to people that little hockey players can play basketball,” said Jake. “I liked that I got to play against varsity basketball players and compete. I get to take a break from study hall to get some activity in.”

Minh Le, a senior, explained that it’s a stress relief activity for him.  Minh said he plays “pretty much just to have fun. After playing my mind feels free; it’s easier to do homework after.”

Otto Bull, a senior who plays on the varsity soccer team, enjoyed the chance to play a little and unwind. “I went because I had studied hard and felt the need to relax,” Otto said. “I really enjoyed the sort of informal vibe to it. It was fun to play with dudes with random guys and build relationships.”