Trophies, Triumphs, and Treats : Williston Spring Sports Come to a Close


The Spring athletic season has come to an end, and seniors have played their final games in a Williston jersey, or for some, their last ever games in the sport.

The Class of 2022 has an impressive senior class when it comes to athletics, with more than 30% of the seniors heading off to play sports in college. The senior class also contains numerous NEPSAC champions and record setters over a variety of seasons and sports, and they will certainly be missed in the realm of Williston athletics.

Rosie Crooker, a senior Captain of the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team, will be playing lacrosse at Union College next year, but will miss the Williston squad.

“I will miss playing in the high school environment, and especially on the Williston team,” said Rosie, a boarder from Francestown, N.H. “We have a great culture full of people who love the sport and support one another.”

Rosie’s favorite Williston Lacrosse memory is their St. Patrick’s Day practice this year.

“Coach Muscari got us all leprechaun hats and we had a dance circle where we all jigged, and then Coach Lonergan got the team [McDonald’s] Shamrock Shakes,” she said. “This practice embodied what I love about sports, how they bring people together.”

Zac Landon, a senior Captain of the Boys Varsity Lacrosse team, will be continuing his lacrosse career at Colby College next year and is grateful for his Williston teammates and coaches.

“I’m really grateful Coach Mooney and Dietrich believed in me when they recruited me to Williston,” Zac said. “I have made many of my best friends through this program and I have been lucky to play for some of the best and most caring coaches. Williston lacrosse has been like a family to me, and while I am sad to go, I am also excited to continue playing at the next level.”

Praghya Athavan Raja, a senior Captain of the Girls Varsity Tennis team, will not be playing tennis at the college level, but looks forward to potentially playing club tennis at Drexel University.

“Up till my junior year I was determined to play college tennis, but soon I learned that I would need much more training to be playing at that level, and that I would be much happier playing club tennis instead,” Praghya said. “I will truly miss playing tennis especially playing our weekly games against other schools, that’s always lots of fun. It brings the team together and I’m a competitive person so I get really into it.”

Praghya’s favorite tennis memory was when “we played mixed doubles with the boys team.”

Ella Mattocks, a senior Captain of the Girls Varsity Water Polo team, will being playing water polo at Villanova next year, and is sad to leave the place where she learned to play the sport.

“I am going to miss water polo at Williston so much, I can’t even think about it yet. I learned how to play water polo at Williston and with Coach [Bill] Berghoff so the idea of having to leave is really hard,” Ella said. “I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to play water polo at Williston. I have met so many amazing people and I would not change it for the world.”

Ella’s favorite memory is from Saturday, May 21, when the Girls Varsity Water Polo team took home their first ever NEPSAC championship. Her favorite moment was “the last two seconds of the game where everyone jumped in the pool and everyone was hugging each other in the water.”

Abigail Touhey, a senior Captain of the Track team, will be continuing her running career at Dickinson College and will miss her team.

“I will miss my current team and coaches and the many things about track at Williston I have gotten so used to over the past six years but I am also excited for what college running holds,” she said.

Abigail ended her decorated Williston career on a high note, winning a New England championship with the 4×400 team, the 1500m, and the 800m, setting new record in the 800m as well. Her favorite memory is “probably from this season,” but “it’s hard to choose just one.”

Minami Ogino, a senior member of the Girls Ultimate team whose favorite memories are the Ultimate tournaments, will not be playing competitive frisbee in college, and will miss the atmosphere surrounding the sport.

“Ultimate is a very spirited sport, and despite its competitiveness, I made a lot of friends across many schools,” she said. “I am going to miss the people so much!”