The Small Silver Linings of 2020

Although 2020 was full of struggling and hard times, the year taught us all lessons and to always look for the silver lining.

When COVID struck across the globe, our community scattered to the four corners of the world. Williston felt the isolation, and learned lifelong lessons from it, including how important connections are and how important we are to ourselves. We learned the power of a positive outlook, and as a community we were able to come back in 2021 with more knowledge.

Tomi Akisanya, a three-year senior from Maryland said, “I learned the importance of having a hopeful perspective along with having people to keep you grounded and support you.”

Anne-Valerie Clitus, a four-year senior from New Jersey, said 2020 showed her “nothing is forever (health, relationships, certainty of the future) so at all times strive to make something of yourself so that if anything ever happens, you’ll always have yourself to fall back on no matter what.”

CC Gray, a four-year senior from Washington D.C., talks about the “kindness mentality.” She said “even when the world is clearly against you, there’s no better medicine and comfort than being kind to other people. The only reason I’m so sunny all the time is because I love being nice to other people, it brings me joy.”

Cristina Negron, a three-year junior from Massachusetts, says she used her time at home to really better herself. She said, “I learned to break bad habits which led to me being healthier and happier.”

For others, 2020 was time used to refocus ourselves. “Personal connections with family and friends is so important,” said Ken Choo, dorm head, coach, and science teacher. “I knew that already, but 2020 reminded me that I was straying from that understanding. And that it takes hard work (in 2020 or in any year) to maintain and foster those connections.”

Choo grew a greater appreciation for his loved ones and the time he was able to spend with those around him. He said “the connections are so worth it. Give me air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, a little money in my pocket, and a cause to fight for. But personal connections and the love that is borne from them is the true fire that fuels me!”