The Responsibilities of Proctorship

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Williston offers various leadership positions for students; one of the most competitive positions being a boarding or day-student proctor.

Boarding proctors are responsible for ensuring the safety of other members in the dorm with responsibilities involving doing rounds during study hall, enhancing the space with the help of dorm parents, and engaging in supportive conversations with other members of the dorm.

Natalie Stott, a recently-graduated senior proctor at the Emily McFadon Vincent House, touched on what she has learned from her experience as a proctor.

“We do a lot of activities with the dorm and it’s a great way to know people you normally wouldn’t by checking in with them during the day and study hall,” Natalie said. “It’s just a good sense of responsibility.”

Natalie, from Franklin, Mass., was previously a proctor at Wold House, a 9th grade girls dorm.

“Being a proctor at Wold House was definitely a different role,” Natalie, who will attend Amherst College in the Fall, said. “You’re trying to get the freshmen more involved with the school and make sure they know what they’re doing. That was a bigger responsibility.”

Rosie Crooker, a senior proctor at Memorial Hall East, also had a similar experience to Natalie’s  as a proctor.

“I’ve loved getting to know the younger girls and helping them through the year,” Rosie said. “I also feel like living in Mem East this year has helped me to grow in a lot of ways. I’ve become a better listener, advice giver, and leader in general.”

Rosie noted the challenges she faced and how they helped her grow.

“Living with 40 other people can be really hard. This year, I got to learn solutions that can be applied to many aspects of life,” she said. “A lot of the times, conflicts just need to be settled with open conversation, and through helping the sophomores have these conversations, I have learned how to have them myself.”

While boarding proctors are in charge of managing dorm life at Williston, day-student proctors also hold great responsibility.

As senior proctors are about to depart, newly selected proctors are looking forward to following their footsteps.

Hana Naughton, a junior from Austin, Texas, will be a proctor in Memorial Hall East dorm starting this Fall.

“I’m really excited to be a proctor,” Hana said. “Especially in a sophomore dorm, it will be nice to be a mentor and someone people can come up to. I’m also looking forward to working with the dorm parents, I’ve known them for years.”