The Person Who Changed My Life: Head of School Mr. Hill

This is part of a series of articles written by Sabrina Sampson ’16. She interviews members of the Williston community asking them to speak about a person who has influenced their lives. Most recently, she spoke to Mr. and Ms. Hill 

Mr. Hill.  Most people know him as simply Williston Northampton’s Head of School, although do students know much about the invaluable role he plays as a father and husband?

Mr. Hill and his wife, Mrs. Hill, a math teacher at Williston, have known each other since December 1992.  They met at a wedding in Wilmington, Delaware, and ended up getting engaged in 1995.  The Hills are coming up on twenty-one years of marriage.

Mr. Hill undoubtedly explained his respect and admiration for Mrs. Hill, the person who he claims has truly changed his life.

“When we first met, she was headed to Yale Law School and then she found out she had a brain tumor.  She had brain surgery before we got engaged.”

He continues, “She used to have a perfect photographic memory, but when she came out of surgery, for a whole year after she was in rehabilitation,” said Mr. Hill.

Mr. Hill stuck by her side while she underwent everything from speech to small motor functioning therapy.  Due to the surgery, she had a short-term memory deficit.

Mr. Hill added, “That was pretty cool, seeing that stamina and that courage.  My admiration for her has gotten stronger.  Her strength is a good role model for many