The Legacy of Tasty Top


The beloved local landmark, Tasty Top, has been put to rest to make way for Starbucks.

Tasty Top, a local ice cream icon for more than a 50-years, has been calling locals home for years on 99 Northampton St. in Easthampton, Mass.

As of May 3, the roadside, walk up, and seasonal ice cream stand was sold for “$2.2 million and the construction of a new Starbucks has been underway on the 33-acre property,” according to the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Tasty Top managed to avoid demolition for several years. There were plans for a Stop & Shop, and a compound for growing and analyzing marijuana.

According to the Daily Hampshire Gazette, “[Tasty Top] would typically fall under the purview of the city’s Historical Commission as a ‘significant building’ under the city’s demolition delay ordinance because it is more than 50 years old, the commission did not have a chance to weigh in.”

Many Easthampton locals find the Easthampton Planning Board approval quite upsetting.

Tasty Top was unique and known for their service. Although there was no inside seating, members of the Easthampton community were always surrounding the shop on hot days, conversing, smiling, and creating memories.

Stella Michalski, a 16-year-old Easthampton resident, says, ” Tasty top was one of my favorite places to go and get ice cream,” she said. “I’ve gone there ever since I was little and I have a ton of memories from there. I’m really sad it closed, since there is no place like it in Easthampton.”

Junior Naomi Simpson, Easthampton resident, commented, “I think my favorite thing about it was probably going to Tasty Top after school when it was 95 degrees out and getting multiple samples even though I always knew I would end up getting the same ice-cream flavor. It was so special, I miss it so much.”

Tasty Top cultivated a community and traditions. Tasty Top was the ‘it’ place to take kids as a special reward on a summer day, according to some longtime Williston teachers and town residents.

Janine Whipple, a Williston teacher for more than two decades, said, “I had a great time as a kid working there. It was always kids working there all the time. It was always busy, too.”

Tasty Top has been a trip down memory lane for all locals. Although it may not be the end after all, according to the Gazette, which explained that Nickolis Dulude leased the space from the Owner Dennis M. Courtney, and submitted a special permit application to run Tasty Top at 150 Northampton St.