The Fun and Freedom of JV Sports 


A JV Football Game. Credit: Williston Flickr

Williston, along with many prep schools, offers a wide range of athletic teams for all different levels, and while there’s greatness and glory associated with varsity sports, the atmosphere the lower levels can be just as exciting – and with less pressure. 

For years, many upperclassmen and seniors have taken advantage of opportunities to play junior varsity level sports for a chance to try out something new, or to catch a break from the fast-paced play of prep school varsity athletics.  

Sports like JV tennis, JV hockey and thirds soccer, among others, often find many upperclassman players on their rosters – students who seek an atmosphere based on fun and relaxation that, due to the high stakes level of play, may not be the focus of varsity level sports. 

Williston offers JV teams for nearly every sport, including hockey, soccer, basketball, golf, lacrosse, tennis, and squash. Many of those teams, such as basketball and squash, have lower level teams called thirds or, in the case of boys basketball, the “Mighty Fourths.”

The Willistonian spoke with Reilly Gluz‘19, a varsity swimmer who, in the spring, serves as the goalie for the Boys JV lacrosse team.  

“It’s an outlet to just relax and have fun, even when it is not always entirely easy to do so, with school and the like,” he said. “It kind of just allows me to hang out and enjoy the company of my team, which also consists of a lot of upperclassmen.” 

Reilly spoke about the easier pace and lower skill level offered at the JV level. It’s a totally different game, not everyone is as experienced, many being new to the sport, which is what makes it so fun.”  

Grace Lane is a junior who has played Girls JV hockey for two years“I cannot put enough emphasis on how fun it was,” stated Grace. “It was a really fun team to be a part of, not to mention laid back.”  

Grace added, It was super chill, we had a good group of people, all just there to have fun and enjoy themselves.” 

Will Strout  ‘20 is currently on the JV Boys lacrosse team, has played thirds basketball, and has also served as a two-time JV football MVP. For him, the chance to try out something new on the court or field without devoting all his time and energy to it was a blessing. 

“It was fun to learn a new sport and relax for a season,” Will said. “I could try out something new without completely committing to it and develop my skills a little more.