Sunday Tennis Keeps Ford Boys Bonding


Credit: Mr. Syfu

As the weather gets warmer and the year draws to an end, Ford boys are finding new ways to bond before they say goodbye for the summer.

For the past few weekends, Ford Hall members made their way to the tennis courts at Galbraith, where players of all skill levels engage in some relaxed and competitive tennis.

The play usually goes for about two to three hours under the spring sunshine.  The level of play and competition is not very high, said Ford Dorm Head Andrew Syfu, who brings the students out for these informal matches.

Nik Kovacevic, a senior, said hitting the tennis courts is a fun and unexpected weekend activity. Although he admits nobody is “really good,” he and his fellow Ford residents are getting better every game, and he said “time flies when you play tennis, rather than playing video games or staying in the dorm. It’s a better way to bond with my friends and dorm parents.”

Dylan Haaland, a junior who plays on the Junior Varsity Tennis Team, uses these Sunday breaks as a chance to take his mind of schoolwork.

“It’s a good stress reliever, going outside and socializing with people I live with and having a couple laughs,” Dylan said.

Junior Simon Fernandez is taking advantage of the chance to play a sport he loves with his friends. “Tennis is a sport of people coming together to have a great time” Simon said. “Every Sunday is a chance to play with my friends. This game is so great … it helps bring us together on a sunny day.”

Syfu said despite a dorm full of high school boys, the games stay relatively non-competitive. Pressed to answer if anyone is really good on the courts, Syfu, smiling, responded, “Good is relative.”