Reflections on the New Schedule


Credit: Williston Flickr

“I climb a tree and review my lines for the play up in the air. Or I eat.” That’s the response from one student in a survey sent out by The Willistonian about the new 20-minute H-block in the academic schedule.

The H-block, which appears in between the first and second periods of the day, is an extra 20-minutes meant for seeing teachers for questions on homework, or extra time for AP or science classes.

For the past six years, the help block was at the end of the day, appearing less frequently in student’s schedules, and now that it is integrated in the middle of the school day, classes get out at 3:00 instead of the previous 2:40.

Some students are unsure about the new H-block.

“I never have the period free because I only take APs,” Wrote one student. They continued, “I have a hard time paying attention for 80 minutes.”

Others agreed. One respondent wrote that if they had the period free they “find a place to sit, try to do what work I can do in that time (none) get up, and go to the next class.”

They also wrote, “I realize it’s useful for APs. But put it at another time of day, like at the end of the last period or at the beginning of the first. In the middle of the day I find it just very useless.”

Most students who answered the survey, however, enjoyed the block. 57.14% of the students said they found it useful, while 22.45% didn’t, and 20.41% were unsure.

One of the unsure respondents spends their free time in many different ways, writing, “Depends on if I have a free block next. If I have a class next, I just go to the class early. If I have a free block, I start my homework or talk to friends.”

A respondent who enjoys the H-block wrote, “I’ll stay in the class a few minutes to ask questions, get a snack, or enjoy a nice slow walk to my next class.”

They later admitted that they haven’t had class during the H-block because of their course load, noting, “I think it is cool, but I have also never had it so I am not sure.”

Another respondent agreed, writing, “I get coffee if I don’t have any work. But if I do have work, I use H-block to get help from a teacher or study for a test.” They continued, “H-block is great!”

A majority of the school also believes that AP and Science classes should be able to use the H-block. 52.04% said yes, 28.57% said no, and 19.39% were unsure.

The system of the H-block does change between first and second block, making some students confused. “Sometimes it’s for the first period and sometimes it’s for the second period but, why does it inconsistently change?”

Many students wrote that some of their standard-class teachers were using the H-block when they were not supposed to.

One wrote, “Standard classes that are using H-block should stop doing so!”

Another added, “I hate that some of my teachers in my standard classes force us to come in for the H-block.”

One respondent wrote, “I understand why the H-block was implemented and I love it. It helps me to feel more confident in my classes, and I like the free time (when I have it).”

They said, “At first I didn’t understand it, but now, I cannot imagine living without it!”