Prom Is On the Horizon


Credit: Williston Flickr

The dress, getting a tux fitted, the corsage, and make up; all these things mean prom is getting closer.

This year’s prom is Sunday, May 19 at The Log Cabin atop Mt. Tom in Holyoke, overlooking the town of Easthampton and the surrounding mountains. The event is for seniors, but underclassmen may attend if brought as dates. Williston prom dates back to at least the 1890s, according to Archivist and Librarian, Richard Teller.

After the music dies down and the event officially ends at 11:00, kids then make their way over to the gym for the “lock in,” the annual after-prom event in which students remain in the gym from 11-6:00 a.m. Students who chose to attend the lock in — it is voluntary for day students and boarders — are not allowed to leave until the event is finished.

This year the activities that are going to be offered are an inflatable obstacle courses, human foosball, arcade games, tons of food, dome hockey, and an open pool.

This will be senior Nancy Harrington’s first Williston prom. She is bringing her boyfriend, Andrew Bartolotta, from her hometown of East Lyme, Connecticut.

“I’m happy I get to be with all of my friends I’ve made here at Williston but I also can’t wait for my boyfriend to come and meet all of my friends, so we can all have a good time,” she said.

Emma Gentile, another senior, was beyond excited to get ready with her friends this year. She attended last year’s prom, and said “I can’t wait to do my hair and make up with everyone and then take pictures once we’re all ready.”

Senior Claudia Capone has already been to four proms prior to this one. “I’m looking forward to being the older kid at prom,” she said, “and I’m also very curious as to how the lock in is going to go.”

Nancy Harrington said she expects the post prom lock in to be a great time.

“You can find me in the inflatable obstacle courses at all times,” she said.

Though she went to prom last year, Emma Gentile was bummed she couldn’t attend the lock in.

“Based on the reviews from last year, I can’t wait to participate in all the activities they’re going to have,” she said.

It’s not mandatory to stay up through the night at the lock in, but some students are going for it.

“I am looking forward to making it a full 24 hours without sleeping because I will be having fun and eating endless amounts of foods,” Claudia said.

Of course before the lock in, before the prom, there’s the relatively new, but already widespread tradition of “promposals,” where a person is asked to prom in sometimes elaborate fashion.

“I’m definitely not promposing to anyone,” Emma said in a stern voice. Claudia backed her up and said, “I will not be promposing to anyone or expecting anyone to prompose to me.”

Senior Chris Denham said he “can’t wait to go to my first prom here at Williston.”

“I’m mostly excited [to be] with my guy friends at an event that is a lot of fun. As for a date, I’m unsure of what I’m doing.” If he doesn’t have a date, Chris said, “I will go with my buddies.”

Chris, a day student from Northampton, is on board with the lock in this year. “I mean I’ve never been cooped up in one building for that long,” he said, “but I’m intrigued to see how it’s going to go and I can’t wait to have a good time with all the activities.”