Squash Team Heads To Nationals

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Squash Team Heads To Nationals

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The Squash Nationals are coming soon, and the Williston Boys’ Varsity team is preparing for battle.

On February 2 and 3, the team will travel to Suffield Academy to take on some of the strongest opponents. Coach Ryan Tyree feels confident about the event, despite the fact that the team lost most of its returners due to graduation.

“Our team is a very solid group of kids, but a good portion of the ladder is inexperienced at this level of play,” Tyree said. “That said, they are dedicated and have therefore been improving rapidly – all good signs.”  The team has been preparing for this event since they returned from Christmas break.

Ethan Dursht ‘19, currently three on the team, says he will, “eat, sleep, hydrate, and stretch” before the big match, adding that he “expect[s] to win and will do whatever it takes to do that.”

As his first time on the varsity team, Connor Touhey will, “get rest and try to improve in practice.” He said he thinks he’ll be able to win a few matches.

Although there are more than 180 teams attending nationals, the Boys’ team will face no one they have played before in division six.  Tyree said the team “will get at least four more matches’ worth of experience out of the deal. so it’s a win in my book for their growth as players.”

“The great thing about Nationals is that everyone gets grouped based on overall level, so it’s not like heading out to Avon during regular season and having to have the number two team in the nation, a clear favorite for Division 1 trophy situation,” Tyree explained.

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