Sophomore Selena Negron Shines in Goal

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Sophomore Selena Negron Shines in Goal

Selena Negron '22 in goal vs. Kent

Selena Negron '22 in goal vs. Kent

Selena Negron '22 in goal vs. Kent

Selena Negron '22 in goal vs. Kent

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Selena Negron is quickly becoming a star for the Girls Soccer team.

Selena, 15, from Easthampton, Mass., started playing soccer at the age of eight and started her Williston soccer career in 9th grade. As the starting goalie since freshman year, she has already contributed tremendously to the team’s success through hard work and her competitive spirit.

Selena had a strong start to the 2019 season. She played a vital role in propelling the team to win against Cheshire in the season opener, with 10 saves in net.

During her freshman year, Selena recorded an eighty-seven percent save rate, and she has high hopes for the future.

“I just want to be able to improve my save percentage this season,” she said.

Selena plays soccer outside of Williston for a club, and this summer her team, consisting of her sister Christina Negron ’22, and Annika Jensen ’23, won the Massachusetts Youth U16 State Championships.

Christina and Selena didn’t start playing soccer the same year. Christina told The Willistonian Selena’s soccer career began in third grade, when a girl on her team started crying because she didn’t want to play goal.

“We didn’t have a goalie and our coach would cycle in field players and one girl started crying,” she said. “Selena said ‘That doesn’t look hard, I could easily do it’.”

Whether or not it was the team’s lucky day to have someone fill their important missing position, Selena was meant for the sport, according to her sister.

“Ever since she started playing goalie for my team, she was just naturally very good at it,” said Christina. “I’ve never been a field player, I’ve always liked playing goalie,” said Selena.

Wildcats Head Coach, Jen Fulcher, said Selena is especially strong in goal in high-pressure situations. “Coming up with big saves that win us games or keep us in games is something she does every time,” said Fulcher. Her work ethic is also something her teammates look up to everyday. “She is also a great teammate and makes those around her want to work hard and be their best,” said Fulcher.

Grace Lane ‘20 is one of the three co-captains. She spoke to the optimistic demeanor Selena brings on the field.

“She’s great for the team, she’s always really positive and extremely talented,” said Grace.

Selena admitted that there is a heavy weight on her shoulders, as her performance plays an integral role in every game’s outcome. “I feel a lot of pressure sometimes,” she said. “Being a goalie means that I determine whether my team wins or not.”

The Willistonian spoke to her as Girls Varsity Soccer was meeting in the gym to take on Taft. Selena sets goals before a game and makes sure she is in the right place mentally.

“I set a positive mindset and try not to be hard on myself,” she said.

Selena has both mental and physical conditioning that help her thrive as a goalie. “Getting in a lot of reps during training before is really important to get in game-day mentality,” she explained.

Selena is sure soccer will remain an important part of her life at Williston and after.

“I really want to play Division 1,” she said.