Seniors and the Ever Stressful College Process


Credit: Williston Northampton Website

As early decision deadlines for colleges are approaching, some seniors at Williston are facing overwhelming stress from the process. October is especially a stressful time for many seniors as they are getting one step closer to finalizing college applications.

The requirements of a college application seem endless for many seniors: they must complete a personal essay, supplemental essays, a finalized test score, a transcript, and an activities list. Fall is surely a hectic time for the class of 2022 this year, as many are balancing their school life and the realities of applying to schools.

Emily McDowell, the Senior Associate Director of College Counseling at Williston, plays a pivotal role for many seniors during this demanding time. She encourages students to be consistently determined throughout the entire process.

“Be dedicated – the work needs to be done in little bits each day, almost like another class,” she said. “If you have a big long list, you surely haven’t done enough work to know what you want. If you are thoughtful and find schools that fit what you are looking for and represent a range of selectivity, you will land confidently on your feet at a school you love.”

Tabitha Randlett, a senior from San Francisco, Calif., shared what she feels is the most crucial aspect of the college process.

“I think the most challenging part is knowing where to apply in what sense,” she said. “ED or EA, just deciding for sure that’s what you want and where you think you belong.”

Tabitha is interested in applying to Northeastern University this fall, a private university located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sarah Drucker, a senior from Great Barrington, Mass., said the college process has been stressful, and she can’t wait until it’s over..

“I think that the college process has definitely been very stressful, especially on top of the work I already have” she said. “I think Williston does create a good support net through college counseling, but it’s still very stressful. I’m so excited to be done with it and know where I’m going to school. I’m going to keep working towards it.”

Sarah feels strongly about one specific school, not just for its academics but for its location in particular.

“Tulane is my top choice because it checks all the boxes that I’m looking for in a school” she said. “I also really love the location and it’s in a part of the country that I don’t ever see myself living in. It’s a place I wouldn’t be in if it weren’t for college.”

Tulane University is a private university in New Orleans, Louisiana. According to Tulane’s website, Forbes has referred to New Orleans as “the nation’s biggest brain magnet,” making it an attractive location for many.

Everly Carroll, a senior from Lenox, Mass., is also strongly intrigued by the location of her top choice school, Columbia University, an Ivy League university located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

“They just have a lot of research going on that I’m interested in and I just love the New York City aspect of it” she said. “I love the city and the feeling of being there. I also think there are so many opportunities just being in New York City because there’s so much happening there.”

Columbia University is an Ivy League university located in the Upper West Side of New York City.