Senioritis Hits Hard This Year


Credit: Erin

As expected, senioritis has made its annual appearance in our graduating class.
Each year, seniors lose motivation during their final days of high school. Once future decisions are finalized, many seniors inevitably gain more excitement for their plans after school. For them, high school feels done.
Devon Morgan, a five-year senior from Westfield, Mass., said her whole grade is feeling the impacts of senior spring.
“It was a major relief for me to know where I was going to college early on in the year. It took a huge weight off my shoulders,” she told The Willistonian. Devon will be attending American University in Washington, D.C.
“I am feeling [senioritis] a little bit,” said Jordyn Meunier, a five-year senior from Longmeadow, Mass. “I am already into college and it’s springtime. I don’t want to be stuck in my house doing homework.”
However, Jordyn recognizes the importance of keeping up with school.
“I can’t be slacking,” she said. “I need to keep up my work ethic. I want to finish strong and I still have a lot of work to put in before I am ready for college next year.”
She will also be attending American University next year, where she’ll play Division 1 basketball.
Erin Chai, a four-year senior from Taiwan, said there is a noticeable difference in how much work she’s doing now compared to the work she typically puts in.
“I don’t care as much as I used to, especially on tests and quizzes. I’m happy that I don’t have to worry too much, and I feel a lot less stressed,” she said.
Senioritis has not only been affecting her academics but also school life in general. “It’s also hitting me in other aspects in other parts of school life … in sports and in the dorms. I just don’t care or try as hard as I used to,” Erin said.
Even though Erin has shown signs of senioritis, she still holds a great amount of responsibility and courage to finish the year strong and to be ready for her next stage. “I say I don’t care but I still have high expectations for myself and I’m not trying to fail my classes,” she said.
She will be attending the University of Michigan next year.
Liz Kay, a Science teacher, has a proven way to approach senioritis in her students.
“Honestly I grade so fast and I grade senior stuff rather than anyone else,” she said. “I tend to talk less and let them figure it out.”
Kay believes that it is important to hold the seniors accountable for their workload.
“That’s my simple solution, by staying on top of things and seniors … they have to be self-driven rather than me telling them,” Kay said.