Senior Skip Day

Senior Skip Day

For many schools, senior skip day is a day late in the year during which all students in the senior class do not attend classes. Williston’s senior skip day occurs once a year on the Monday after prom. This year that will be held on Monday May 19th.

In past years, the schedule of events have been: prom, the lock-in, then senior skip day the next morning. There is no lock-in this year, so it is expected to look different than past years. Although seniors don’t have to attend classes on that Monday, they have to attend and participate in activities on the turf on skip day.

On this day, Sawyer Field will be filled with blow-up activities, obstacles and other class bonding games.

Although most students want the day off, not every student is against the proposal. Senior Maddie Dirats said, “I think it’s a pretty cool idea.” Kaylee Largay said, “It’ll be one of our last days together as a class. Who cares if we have to actually be here on our skip day. People just have to make it fun themselves.”

Senior Jill Slezek said, “I’ve heard from past seniors and they all told me you sit around the turf the entire day doing absolutely nothing.”

Senior Kevin McLaughlin felt similar to Slezek, saying, “If we have to leave by 12:30 the night before then why do we have to come back so early the next day? It’s stupid. Skip day should be an actual skip day, not having to be on campus or other little activities that make us feel like we are two years old.”

Miranda Gohh, Class of 2013 said of her experiences last year: “Everyone was just so tired after staying up so late that we could barely move. Our class was boring and didn’t participate in any activities; instead we just sunbathed on the turf the entire day.”

Everyone’s definition of fun is different and student council has tried to make this experience for the Senior Class a success. Some members of the committee tried to get the Class of 2014’s Senior Skip Day to be different this year and go to a beach, amusement park, or another place.

Discussions were had and the seniors were told the day will be just as it was in the past and students will be required to stay on Campus.

The staff wants the Class of 2014 to enjoy the day together and all the other senior activities that are coming up. If any senior skips school that day units will be given.

The countdown has started and with only 43 more days left until diplomas are handed out, seniors are hoping for a memorable last few weeks of their high school careers. They want nothing more than a symbolic year that they can look back on in the future.

Senior Caleb DeMello said, “Let’s make the most of it. One more month. It’s right around the corner. Let’s get it, Class of 2014!”