Senior Saves ‘On the Quad’


Credit: Williston Flickr

Who knew one email could make such a difference? On The Quad was a piece of Williston shockingly taken away from the students at the beginning of this year. But one student has revived it: Couper Gunn, with his new version, Couper’s Quad(s).

On The Quad was a schoolwide email that began in 2012, originally used to lead students to the new school website. As years passed it later became the hub of school news. The news varied daily, but it was always reliable to let students know the lunch menu.

This year the Communications office had to let On The Quad go in order to provide more time for other projects.

Kate Snyder, the manager of On The Quad, said, “All these new ways of communicating are wonderful, but they take time to maintain, plus our office has some big new projects on the horizon for the Admission and Advancement offices.” Snyder added,  “All of that meant that, regrettably, we couldn’t continue the daily email.”

Williston’s Communications office still prepares the photos and information daily, just on different social media platforms. “Instead, we moved the daily OTQ photo and caption onto Instagram this fall,” said Snyder. Communications is still taking pictures and stories from within the student body, and they encourage it. “We definitely still welcome photos and news to our office so we can promote all the cool things going on through our social media, website, and other channels!” stated Snyder.

Although the faculty could no longer control OTQ, the students were willing to take over. The student body cried for a hero to continue the beloved email, and it was answered by Couper.

Couper will go down in school history as the one person who heroically saved our knowledge on meals and campus happenings.

Couper had much to say on the revival of the email. “I could take 10 seconds out of my day and screen shot the lunch menu and send it in a school wide email,” said Couper. He added, “It’s helpful to my classmates and that’s enough incentive for me.”

He has heard a lot of feedback from his peers. According to Couper, “I had so many people come up to me the next day or email me back saying ‘thank you so much for doing this’ and ‘please keep doing this’.”

The best part of all is that Couper enjoys creating the daily email.

“I usually do it the night before as a bit of a study break because it’s something fun. It only takes about 10-15 minutes at most,” Couper said.

Couper doesn’t plan to change the name anytime soon.

“I love it and I think it makes it personal, which is what I want,” he said. He does not believe it takes away from the school with the new name, it just adds an ironic touch to the email.

No need to fear students; this new OTQ is sticking around. “I definitely will be able to keep it up over the whole year,” Couper stated.

With that said, Couper’s Quads are here to stay for at least a year. But a challenge arises next year when Couper graduates: Who will continue OTQ? Whoever’s quads are next will have expectations, as Couper has set the bar high.