Selection Process Begins for Class President, Reps


Student council elections are coming up fast and are on upcoming seniors’ minds more then ever.

Student council applications are due by April 24 this year, and students must deliver a speech on April 30 to the class. Speeches are due to the class deans the day prior.

Like last year’s elections, voting will again take place on Zoom this year. The position open for seniors are class president and class representatives. The class president leadership role will look a little different than it has in previous years.

Katherine Garrity, Assistant Dean of Students, said Covid has forced class representatives to be more creative.

“I think the process of being elected I don’t think actually changed all that much,” Garrity said. “I think with as any position this year, they had to get pretty creative to do anything.”

Garrity said she thinks I think the leadership “is easier when they can step out first thing with class orientations in the beginning of this year and be able to be seen, and that wasn’t possible this year so they had to and other ways to be seen.”

Garrity explained that qualified candidates are expected to “Be a unifying agent for the senior class and all students throughout the year. Demonstrate strong leadership on campus by actively engaging and maintaining an involved presence at school events.”

Natalie Stott, a junior boarder from Franklin, Mass,. and the junior class current president, said that Covid has drastically changed the responsibility of her position.

“Student council definitely looked different this year with zoom meetings taking over for our  normal in person meetings,” Natalie said.

“The biggest change this year was trying to find more ways to connect the with our class. Whether it being getting to know new students or connect with international students who could not make it to campus because of the pandemic,” she added.

Sarah Markey, current junior class rep and candidate for senior class president, is hopeful next year will be a success.

“This year has presented new challenges and obstacles,” Sarah, a day student from Florence, Mass., said. “As a student council I’m proud our ability to adapt to the current environment. Next year I believe, with a vaccinated community, the class of 2022 will have an amazing senior year, and I’m excited to help in the process.”