“Radiant Light” Holiday Concert Sparkles


Credit: Michael Curtis '20

On Sunday, Dec. 15, the holiday concert wasn’t traditional – while it included traditional American Christmas songs, there was also a Hanukkah song, in Ladino — a language composed of Hebrew and Old Spanish, and spoken across Europe — a Christmas carol from Nigeria, and a few songs that aren’t even related to the holiday season at all.

Teller Chorus, the Chamber Ensemble, and the Northampton Choir came together last Sunday, to go through a catalog of music

The Teller Chorus, made up of Williston upper school students, made up the greater part of the concert, performing the Ladino Hanukkah song, with instrumental accompaniment, a classically stylized rewrite of ‘This Little Light of Mine,”, and ‘Sure on this Shining Night’ a classical piece written by American composer Morton Lauridsen about a tortured artist, contemplating the stars.

The Northampton Choir, made up of professional singers from around Northampton, accompanied the Teller Chorus in “This Little Light of Mine” as well as in a heretofore unmentioned piece called “Sleigh ride’, and performed a third piece, ‘O Nata Lux’, an old Latin Spiritual by Thomas Tallis.

The Chamber Ensemble, made up of six Williston students, is organized into three duos. There is a saxophonist and a pianist, a cellist and a second pianist, and two clarinets.

The saxophonist and pianist did not perform because of a lack of concert-ready material, but the pianist-cellist duo of Bruton Strange ’22 and Minami Ogino ’22 performed a piece by Beethoven called “Judas Maccabeus,” and the two clarinets, Audree Edmunds ’25  and Elsa Frankel ’22, played Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.”