Prom Season is Here


Prom is coming and it seems that the community is very excited for it.

Since 2019 , Williston has not had a traditional prom. The class of 2020 was sent home while the class of 2021 had a bingo night instead. But as our community is becoming comfortable with operating normally again, the class of 2022 fortunately will get a prom held in May.

For many students in the United States, prom would be considered part of the typical high school experience. Williston is a community with students from all over the world, which makes prom extra  special for some, because it may not be a typical event that they have back home.

IHang U, senior boarder from Macau, agrees that prom is something he wants as part of his high school experience.

“I think prom is gonna be fun, hopefully?” he said. “I did wait four years for this so I am kinda excited for it.“

IHang said that prom is not a typical event that occurs a lot in Macau.

“Now that I’m in America it seems like such a huge deal, so I definitely want to experience this,” he said.

Praghya Raja, senior boarder from Saudi Arabia, is also looking forward to prom.

“I’m just excited that we even have a prom this year,” she said. “I know with Covid in previous years we were unable to have it so I’m just grateful that we have one this year”

She also agrees that this is a high school experience that she would like to take part in.

“I know it’s part of the high school experience to go shop for dresses with your friends and I’m glad I was just able to take part in it,” she said.

“Prom was a thing back home, we actually had a middle school eighth grade prom which I took part in, but obviously it wasn’t as big as the high school prom”

Like Praghya, some of our members may have experienced an event that is similar to prom, but not a “typical” prom.

The boys are getting measured for their suits and the girls are eagerly looking for the perfect dress. There is even a Williston prom dress account –@willypromdresses — that the senior girls are using to share the dresses they are wearing, and there is a wide variety among our class.

Some dresses on the site range from sparkly sequins to elegant long night gowns.

Another joy that prom season brings is “promposals”, where one publicly asks another to be there date for prom. Williston has not seen this on campus in a while, so seniors are getting ready for that.

To this date there only has been a couple of “promposals”, there will certainly be more to come.

Prom will be held on May 22 followed by a lock-in in the gym.