Proctor Decisions are Out


Credit: Sam Milnes '18.

On Wednesday, May 2, next year’s proctors were chosen and sent out to the faculty.

There  are proctors for each dorm on campus, and day student proctors as well. The proctors for next year are: in Ford, Thomas Thibault, Tim Rego, and Jackson Strout. In the new dorm for next year, 200 Main Street: Simon Kim, Jason Rhett, Sam Strout, Jonathan Edwards, and Jack Long. In John Wright: Cam Lawrence, Gavin Kline, Steven Wang, Walter Kissane. In Hathaway: Brandon Chin, Insoo Kang, and Vishnu Sekar. In Memorial East: Chelsea Clark, Amanda Shen, Molly Solan, and Kassandra Orcutt. In Memorial West: Stella Piasecki, Zoe Okaisabor, Punn Phentrakul, and Emily Cho. In 194: Ella Goodman, Nina Renkert, Lydia Ji, and Maddy Cardaci.

There are day student proctors as well. Day student male proctors are: Eric Albanese, Jason Albanese, Ethan Bradway, Aidan Burke, Ryan Dwyer, Jake Goodman, Robby Hill, Nat Markey, Aidan McCreary, DJ Poulin, Tyler Senecal, Jack Spense, and Caleb Stern.

For girls: Rachel Burke, Julia Cavanaugh, Maddie Elsea, Julia Farnham, Nikki Foster, Dylan Fulcher Melendy, Claire Harrison, Karen Janocha, Catherine King, Virginia Kozikowski, Anna Moran, Emily Whipple, and Ellie Wolfe.

Tim Rego is going to be a three-year boarder and is excited for his opportunity to become proctor in Ford next year.

“I want to make sure our dorm is safe and make sure there is good leadership, starting with me,” Tim said.

Proctors are in charge of keeping the dorm in line, and are able to give disclipnary action if needed.

” I will not favor my friends when I become proctor,” Tim said. “I will make sure it is fair towards everyone in the dorm”.

Thomas Thibault, a future proctor in Ford Hall, said part of the reason he applied to be a proctor was to give back, to help out the school that’s left such a lasting mark on him.

“I wanted to leave a positive footprint at Williston,” said Thomas. “I want the school to be a better place than when I first arrived here.”