Northampton High School Janitor Arrested


Credit: Northampton Public Schools.

On Thursday March 30, a Northampton High School custodian was arrested after he  allegedly drilled holes in the ceiling of the school’s girls’ bathroom to spy.

The holes were found the day before, on March 29 after police and school officials searched the reported area. Their findings showed that the holes led straight to a custodian’s closet, placed directly above the bathroom.

The suspect in the ongoing case, 22-year-old Michael Kremensky, has been working as a custodian at the high school since August.

Although he was only put on leave for the suspicions that arose that Thursday, he was arrested the following night.

He is charged with multiple counts of photographing an unexpected nude person and has not currently appointed a lawyer.

This led The Willistonian to wonder about our own school, and all the moving parts that go into our campus, our faculty and staff, and how the hiring process works.

Kathleen Ouimette, Williston’s Human Resources Director, explained in an email, “It is the policy of the school to avoid any risks for students, parents, employees, volunteers, and visitors that would possibly appear in a potential employee’s background. The school has to comply with all applicable laws when considering any person in the hiring process.”

She went on to explain that they cannot guarantee a person is good or bad just based off his or her record; however they still do their best to vet candidates before hiring them.

“If a person has never been in trouble with the law you could run all the background checks available but there would be no way for an employer to know,” Ouimette explained in an email. “That said, Williston does absolutely everything possible that we can to safeguard our community when hiring.”