The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

New Resource Centers Increase Productivity On Campus

The new resource centers are making studying quieter and more convenient for students and faculty.  

In past years, the locations of the resource centers have changed, and this year, Williston created one of the biggest changes for the library yet. The Math Center was moved from the upstairs of the library to one of the new glass classrooms on the main floor. Before, the Science Center was in the basement, where AST is, away from the activeness of the library, but they too have been moved to a glass classroom on the first floor.  

The Writing Center has been expanded, and now occupies the large classroom upstairs, directly opposite the math center.   

Chris Pelliccia, the Head of the Science Department, commends the builders of the new glass classrooms that hold the math and science centers.  

“I think the architect did a nice job; the fishbowl classrooms look good,” he said. “I think it’s good that we are very visible, so the students know we are here.” 

Mr. Pelliccia compliments all his student tutors as well.  

“I think the students tutors are tremendous,” he said. “I was so impressed by how tactfully and patiently explained everything from physics to chem last year.”  

The science center tutors include: May Nguyen, Charlotte Zeng, Sean O’Donnell, Seth O’Donnell, Aaron Hammer, Alyssa Matricciani, Elle Christakos, Emily Hamann, Jack Berrien. The math center tutors are Parker Brown, Jonah Berry Brown, Tony Bie, Wakanda Hu, Oscar Cui, Carter Cleary, Cici Cao, Sophie Chou, Jeremy Dube, Jackson Estes, Eddie Howell, Calvin Klumpp, Kei Imai, Aiden Lee, Alyssa Matricciani, May Nguyen, Haruka Okuno, Rinka Okuno, Jason Park, Junwon Park, Zoe Zhang, and Charlotte Zheng 

Calvin Klumpp, a six-year Senior from Easthampton, is pleased with the convenient location of the resource centers.  

I like the resource centers because they’re a lowkey and chill spot to get help without having to go too out of your way, since they’re right in the middle of the library,” he said.  

Because of their central location, Calvin believes both the centers thrive with more students accumulating in them.  

“I think that they’re a bit too awkward if you’re the only person,” Calvin said. “When there’s a lot of people, it’s easier to approach the tutor, but when you’re the only person, especially in a small room like that, it can be hard to approach them. The same is true from the perspective of a tutor I think too.”  

Williston’s Writing Center tutors are Olin Rose-Bardawil, Andie Kinstle, Amber Fedor, Calvin Klumpp, Catie Spence, Brooke Manfredi, Isabel Baxter-Paris, Ellie Parsons, Maya Zesiger, Maya Libraro, Ellis Von Schoeler-Ames, Stella Gordon, Max Elkin, Teagan Duffy, Zoe Simon, and Jack Berrien. The faculty who work in the Writing Center are Ms. Sawyer, Mr. Liebowitz, and Ms. Levine.  

Williston is not the only New England Prep School that has resource centers available for students. Berkshire and Taft also have ways for students to take advantage of on-campus resources, according to their websites. Taft has a writing center, but not a math or science center. Berkshire has a math and writing center.  

MattieByrd McHold, Williston’s Library Director, said the changes are just the start of a bigger project.  

“The conversation started last year, and we were looking for an architect to come in and look at how we could reuse that space, and the drawings that we had were much bigger than what we ended up with. But unfortunately, they couldn’t put air conditioning throughout the library as planned,” she said. “Time was running out with Chuck McCullough as CFO, and he said we can make two little spaces, which will each have their own air system, and eventually we will do more.” 

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