Meet Your President: Will Chalfant


Will Chalfant remembers the night the email revealing the results of the Senior Class Presidential race was sent. In her email to the class of 2023, Erin Davey, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Community Life wrote, “This was the closest I have seen in my time at Williston.” And although the race was tight, Will emerged victorious, and has been championing his fellow seniors ever since.

In addition to serving as Student Council President, Will is also the Captain of the Boys Cross Country and Track Teams, and in the winter, you can find him on the basketball court. And, of course, he can often be found asking people what song they are listening to for “Willy Tunes,” his regular Tik Tok series.

The Willistonian spoke to Will on his goals for his senior year.

“I feel like my biggest goal is brining the whole class together” he said.  “[I want] to feel like we all got the most we could out of our senior year.”

He added, “I can change rules and regulations that were made because of other suggestions” he said. “If I get the voice of the actual students, I can help with rules that promote the well being of the student body.”

Christa Talbot Syfu has been Will’s advisor since 10th grade.  She also served as his Cross Country coach for his first two years, and still helps out with Varsity though she’s not the official head coach.

She told The Willistonian she thinks Will is doing a good job as leader.

“I think Will is taking this role very seriously and wants to do a great job,” Talbot Syfu said. “[He] is a good listener and wants to find ways to make Williston a better place for [students]”.

In their weekly Student Council meetings, Will is an active participant who is always sticking up for the Williston community. He works alongside Junior Class President Soleil Richardson, and Sophomore President Carter Cleary.  Will serves on the Senior Class Student Council with Katherine Kang, Elsa Frankel, Hira Asghar and Annika Jensen.

Annika has known Will since the middle school and thinks Will thrives in his role.

“He always has a positive attitude and is very encouraging of her peers” she said.  “He is the textbook definition of leading by example.”

So far as president, one of Will’s most notable accomplishments has been the return of the panini press, which was sorely missed by many students at the start of the school year.