The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

The oldest continuously published high school newspaper in America

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

LoveShackFancy X Roller Rabbit Collab Sells Out in First Minute

Credit: Instagram

TheLoveShackFancy X Roller Rabbit collab is leaving people feeling disappointed in the popular brands.

On Feb. 1, teenagers from around the world waited panicky on their computers to secure an item from the collab. The collab dropped at 12:00 p.m., and sold out within the first minute of going live.

Roller Rabbit and LoveShackFancy are considered two of the “preppiest” brands on the market. Roller Rabbit, formerly Roberta Roller Rabbit, is famous for their pajama sets and patterns, which include “Amanda,” “Hathi,” “Hearts,” “Jemina,” “Moby,” and “Monkey.” They come online in all the colors of the rainbow and are made from breathable premium cotton.

The products in the collab range from $30-$245, with the polo pajamas at $148.

LoveShackFancy was founded in 2013 by Rebecca Hessel Cohen. It is a fashion, beauty, and home decor brand that sells products with hand-painted floral prints, ornate hand-embroidered fabrics, intricate handmade crochet and lace, and elaborate trims. Many people in the Williston community wear their dresses, which, according to their website, were “created to celebrate love and revel in the beauty of the flower-filled, rose-colored world,” to community life dinners, convocation, the holiday banquet, during the academic day, and to many more formal events.

When news came out that these two renowned brands were doing a collaboration, fans were thrilled and immediately started planning their purchases. The collab included “Baby Bow Heart Pajamas,” “Rosa Beaux Monkey Pajamas,” “Monkeys Just Want to Have Fun Crewneck,” “Bow Tube Socks,” “Baby Bow Hearts Beauty Bundle,” and “Baby Bow Hearts Large Quilted Tote.”

Roller Rabbit has 11 stores, while LoveShackFancy has 17; store are located in New York City, the Hamptons, Palm Beach, Boston, Greenwich, Conn., and more. Yet, neither of the brands are selling their collab in store. Customers can only purchase the merchandise online.

Mel McCullough, Roller Rabbit and LoveShackFancy enthusiast, was one of the fortunate people to purchase a pair of “Baby Bow Heart Pajamas” from the collab moments before it sold out.

“I set multiple alarms for right before 12, luckily, I was let out of class early so I could get on the website as soon as the launch happened,” Mel said. “Once I got the order confirmation, I reloaded the website and almost all the sizes were sold out. I got really really lucky.”

Sadly, many were disappointed when they went to buy an item and it said “sold out” within a minute after the collab was released.

Junior Gus Brown, was one of many people who were not fortunate enough to buy the collabs products quick enough.

“I literally made sure to get out of class early so I could be on my phone when the collab dropped,” Gus said. “I was so pissed off that I couldn’t get them, especially because both the brands hyped their collabs up so much just for all of it to sell out so quickly.”

The fan backlash online against the Roller Rabbit X LoveShackFancy items selling out so quickly caused the brands to come up with a compromise.

On Feb. 3, Roller Rabbit made a post on Instagram stating, “We were absolutely blown away by the demand for our limited-edition LoveShackFancy X Roller Rabbit collab and want everyone to be able to share in this incredible collaboration,” they said. “We will be offering pre-order of the entire LoveShackFancy X Roller Rabbit collection on Tuesday, February 6th at 12 PM ET!!”

When Mina Sugiyama, a junior, went to go pre-order the items she desired on Feb.6, she noticed the website said they would not ship the products until September 1. She hesitated, but ultimately decided to go through with her purchase.

“They are two of my favorite brands and the collab is too iconic not to buy,” Mina said, “even if it means waiting a few months.”

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