Lock In Returns for Post Prom Fun


The Lock In is back this year, giving the senior class a wonderful opportunity to share time — a lot of it — together after prom.

The Lock In takes place immediately after prom in the gym. If students choose to go, they are there from about 11:00 p.m. until six in the morning. The following day following is considered Senior Skip Day, which also involves many fun activities to do later in the day, after a nap or two.

Melissa Brousseau, Associate Director of Athletics, helps with Lock In festivities.

“The night is planned with the spirit of continuing your prom celebration. The Deans Office coordinates it, faculty volunteer their time and the reservation of fun, food, etc all takes place weeks ahead,” she said. “Feedback from the class is helpful and adults hope to plan a great overnight experience with lots of surprises.”

Christa Talbot-Syfu, Associate Director of Admissions and one of the core planners of the Lock In, said about 95% of the senior class attend Lock In.

Grace Bean, a senior, is exccited to spend the night with her friends, and hopes to see a mechanic bull of some kind at the event.

“I’m excited to have one final night with all of my friends to act as kids before we enter the adult world for college,” she said. “I think it’s our last chance to hold onto the childish and childhood side of things and pretend we aren’t adults for a little.”

Praghya Athavan Raja, a senior boarder, is relieved we have this after Covid, and is curious to see what has been planned for the seniors that night.

“I’m just excited, honestly, that we’re even having a lock in this year,” she said. “I know with Covid other years haven’t been able to have one, so I’m just grateful that I get to celebrate one more senior event with my grade.”

Senior Class Rep., Natalie Stott, said she’s heard so much about the Lock In, both at Williston and her old high school, and is excited to finally participate.

“I am really looking forward to it because we had a lock in at my old school and one of the middle schools, and everyone kind of had free reign of the school at night,” she said. “I always thought it sounded like the coolest thing ever.”

“I’m looking forward to spending a whole night with my friends after a great prom, which is just another tradition that I’ve been looking forward to for a while,” she added.