Jordyn Meunier Returns, Ready and Committed


Credit: Williston Flickr

Jordyn Meunier is one step closer to achieving her athletic and academic dreams during her final year of high school.

Jordyn is a five-year senior at Williston from Longmeadow, Massachusetts. This past summer, Jordyn was able to commit to American University, a Division I college in Washington D.C., to pursue her basketball career.

For the start of her senior year, Jordyn attended Putnam Science Academy, a school centered around basketball in Putnam, Connecticut. Due to Covid concerns and lack of basketball games, Jordyn returned to Williston.

Jordyn did not always have huge basketball dreams. “I came to Williston in 8th grade because I wanted to play on the Williston lacrosse team,” she said.

Now that Jordyn has returned to Williston, she is able to appreciate our school more because of the size and the strength of academics. “And compared to Putnam, it is much more focused on academics, rather than athletics, which will help me in college.”

Due to the pandemic, Jordyn has hit a roadblock due to restrictions come wintertime. “Sadly, due to Covid there are not many options or places open however I’ve been trying to do some at-home workouts and weights and getting in a [local] gym anytime I can.” Jordyn is excited to participate on the girls’ basketball team at Williston again.

Jordyn describes herself as a hardworking basketball player. She was a point guard in past seasons. “I’m a shooter,” she said. “I average 23 points each game.” Jordyn’s basketball accomplishments include but are not limited to Most Valuable Player of Williston team, leading scorer, and MVP of Brown’s Holiday Tournament. “I was NEPSAC all-star first team” Jordyn said, for her class B division.

While it is unpredictable about how games will go this season, Jordyn is optimistic about her team. “We have a lot of growing we need to do as a group,” she said, “but I am confident we will all come together.”

Her teammates think of Jordyn in high regard. Carrie St. Marie, a senior on the basketball team, has been playing with Jordyn for three years. “Being on a team with Jordyn Meunier has taught me to push myself not only as a player but as a leader as well,” she said. “Her consistency and hard work is admirable and sets an amazing example for underclassmen.”

Jordyn’s coaches are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her at Williston. Athletic Director Mark Conroy got the chance to coach Jordyn for the first time last season. “As a junior, Jordyn had a phenomenal year in almost every way leading our team to the NEPSAC playoffs,” he said.

“As a player, her tremendous work ethic in the offseason allowed her to raise her game to the next level becoming arguably one of the best spot-up shooters in NEPSAC at any level,” Conroy elaborated. “Additionally, her game demonstrated additional growth as she improved in all phases of her game from ball handling to defense. Jordyn is one of the most dedicated basketball players I have seen in my 21 years at Williston.”

Conroy also acknowledges Jordyn’s impressive abilities outside of the game. “Beyond her play on the court, Jordyn was a great teammate who not only set a great example for our team each day as a junior captain but also supported her teammates off the floor.”

Going into the future, Jordyn is grateful for all Williston has done for her across her years here. For starters, “it started my love for basketball,” she said. “It made me develop time management skills and it exposed me to different people and cultures from all across the world.”