Jones Sisters Shine Together on Ice


Credit: Jones family.

The Williston Girls Varsity hockey team is off to another impressive start, and as Gabby Jones ’18 is finishing up her decorated six-year career as a member of the team, another Jones is now beginning hers.

Sophia Jones ’22 is beginning her first year at Williston and has already been a part of two varsity athletic programs as an 8th grader. The sisters plan on playing three varsity sports together (field hockey, ice hockey, and softball) for their first and last year at the same school.

“This is Gabby’s sixth year here, so I have been to a lot of Williston events since I was 8 years old, and since then I have wanted to be a part of the Williston community,” commented Gabby’s younger sister Sophia.

Gabby stated, “This experience has brought us closer together, and I am very thankful for that.” Sophia refers to the situation as a “once in a lifetime opportunity,” as they can finally compete on the same team after years of practicing together in their front yard.

The Jones sisters are from Westfield, MA; Gabby is a proctor in 194 Main St.

Both sisters had great things to say after their first experience of playing together during the Field Hockey season this past fall.

“It was cool because everyone would comment on how we were on the field together and one time she assisted a goal I had, and everyone cheered especially loud,” commented Gabby. This was also Sophia’s first year ever playing field hockey, and with the help of practicing with her older sister over the summer she was able to make varsity.

Now, as it has turned to ice hockey season, both Jones sisters’ main sport, they plan on being on the ice together more and more as the season progresses. Gabby is a forward, committed to play Division 1 Ice Hockey at Merrimack College in North Andover, MA, and Sophia is a defenseman who is receiving an impressive amount of playing time as an 8th Grader.

“To be honest, it is a little intimidating to be playing against seniors in high school while I am still in middle school, but I fit in well,” commented Sophia.

Their coach, Christa Talbot-Syfu stated, “While Sophia is doing very well, Gabby looks out for Sophia and definitely keeps on eye on her in practice.” Keeping Sophia under her wing, just as an older sister should.

Talbot-Syfu also said, “It’s been very fun to have them both on the team, seeing them support one another but then compete hard to make each other better!” She then added, “Just yesterday they were playing a 1 vs. 1 battle and both had big smiles on their faces.”

Senior teammate Marielle McHale commented on the sisters, “You can definitely tell that they are both really competitive and both want to beat each other. At the same time, the sisters always have each other’s back.”

The Jones sisters plan on making the most of the next five months they have together; they are not looking forward to saying goodbye.

“To have her on my team for all three seasons is something I am going to miss a lot,” said Sophia. Gabby had a similar sentiment: “I wish it was a longer period, but I am grateful I get to spend my last year at Williston playing with her.”