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Is Fortnite Addictive?

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Is Fortnite, the game that has taken over video gaming since the fall, addictive? And if so, do you care?

Since the introduction of its free-to-play Battle Royale mode, Fortnite, which is made by Epic Games, is a free 100-person survival battle where last man alive wins. Fortnite has skyrocketed to become one of the biggest video games in the world.

The game’s massive popularity has caused some concern, however, especially among parents who feel as though their kids may be playing it a little too much. However, Andrew Reid from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, said that Fortnite is not addictive.

“People should be careful about using the word “addictive” when referring to video games, as it could potentially stigmatize gamers, and that people should consider other reasons why someone may choose to play Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode regularly besides being ‘addicted’ to it,” he said, according to Dalton Cooper on

According to Greg Iverson ’19, “There’s no way Fortnite is not addictive. All throughout the dorm it is constantly being played. At all hours of the day people are playing and even to just play one quick game before class. There is no break in playing and I do think people are addicted to it, but in a good way. It is fun to watch people get really into it.”

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of addiction is a “compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance.”

Max Albert, from The University of Michigan, wrote a piece on, in which he argues that Fortnite is, in fact, addictive.

“Fortnite is so addictive because when you lose, you only lose by a hair,” he explained. “Players in this game have deceptively low HP (even with full shields and health).” Albert added, “Realistically, you’re never more than 5 assault rifle shots away from sheer death; and the moment you die, the first thing you see is the HEALTH BAR OF THE OPPONENT WHO SHOT YOU.”

Albert continued, “Fortnite players, how many times has this scenario happened to you? You’re in a room playing with some of your buddies. The buddy who is playing is in a heated gun fight with another player. The buddy playing dies and then immediately screams ‘dang it! They were sooooooo close to dying!'”

Although, Fortnite may seem addicting, it does not seem to be having any bad repercussions outside the game. As Andrew Reid said, “addictive” may not be the right word to describe it.

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Is Fortnite Addictive?