Is Conant haunted?


Credit: Kyle Caddo.

Coming back for its 92nd year, many Conant residents claim there is something funny going on, something … paranormal even.

Consisting of old creaky floors, flickering lights, and a mysterious locked attic, Conant has been a reputed source of paranormal activity and ghost stories for many past and current residents.

Many inhabitants of Conant have reported occurrences like odd sounds, flashing lights, and in some cases, seeing shadows and figures.

Jun Park ‘20, a proctor from Seoul, South Korea, said late at night he hears footsteps in the hallway that do not belong to security.

“Around two a.m. every night, I hear footsteps walking by my room,” said Jun, “as well as a bright light shining under the door.”

Jun also said that his door has a habit of opening completely randomly at night, even with the absence of wind or breeze.

An avid fan of FX’s “American Horror Story” and a former believer in extra-terrestrials, senior David Costello, from Simsbury, Connecticut, has a lot to say on this matter.

“There’s a ghost in Conant, and I know I’m going to see it,” said David. “I’m a huge believer in paranormal activity, and I know that the footsteps I have been hearing at night are ghosts.”

In his first year in Conant, proctor Jackson Strout ’20, from Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass., has noticed some odd things going on since he moved in, things he cannot explain.

“Randomly at night the hallways will get extremely cold,” said Jackson. “I keep my window open with the fan on full blast, and the hallway is still colder.”

Like David, Jackson is also a strong believer in ghosts, a fan of “American Horror Story,” and a current believer in extraterrestrials, and he thinks there is no doubt there is something paranormal going on.

“That kind of stuff does not just happen, there’s got to be a paranormal force behind it,” said Jackson. “I’m not fully aware of the history of the building or this going on, but something odd is happening.”

Conant resident and dorm head Chris Pelliccia says he’s noticed some odd sounds as wel.

“Sometimes I hear creaking in the hallways at night,” said Pelliccia, “then when I look, I won’t see anything.”

Pelliccia also mentioned areas in Conant that he considers to be off putting. “There is a part of the basement that is locked and runs the whole length of the building,” said Pelliccia. “If there is a ghost, that’s where it is.”

To learn more about Conant’s paranormal and general history, The Willistonian contacted an expert on Williston’s history, Archivist Rick Teller.

Despite knowing lots about the history of Conant and its uses throughout the years, he chose not to touch on the possible paranormal aspects of the building, or any building on campus for that matter.

“As a matter of longtime policy, I do not entertain questions about paranormal activity, hauntings, or similar non-phenomena on campus,” Teller said.