Highlights From This Year’s Coachella


Arianna Grande at Coachella 2019. Credit: Twitter

Southern California’s biggest annual party is here.

The Coachella music festival happens every April in Indio, California. Every year it’s one of the most attended events in the United States.

The festival is two weekends long, and this year the party began on April 12 – April 14. The concert continues again for three more days: April 19 –  21.

Tim Rego ’19, really wishes he could’ve seen Zedd.

“Zedd is my favorite DJ, his songs are very upbeat and always fun to listen to when you are hanging out, or trying to get hyped up for a game.”

Women dominated the first day of music, including artists like Ariana Grande and Kacey Musgraves.

Other important artists that appeared on the first day were Jaden Smith, Childish Gambino, and The Funk Hunters.

The closer on the first Sunday night, April 14, was Childish Gambino, who finished the day off with a bang, then revealed a huge project with Rihanna called “Guava Island”. Guava Island is a new movie starring Childing Gambino and Rihanna in it. The film is based around music.

Joey Bouchard, of West Springfield, Mass, was able to attend this year’s Coachella Festival. He said that despite being “wicked crowded,” it was fun to see the “tons” of acts performing, including Juice Wrld, a highlight for him.

“It was so sick,” he said. “Definitely a time I won’t forget.”

The first Coachella event took place in 1999; the concert is still held in the same venue.

For the first 16 years of the festival, there was a maximum occupancy of 99,000 guests; however, in 2015, the City Council upped those numbers to 125,000 passionate music lovers. The grounds for the festival had to purchase an expansion of 40 acres, which is still not big enough for a  little bit of elbow room for everyone.

Tickets for Coachella are extremely hard to come by. They usually sell out within a few days, and that’s if you can afford the pricey tickets which, on Coachella’s official website, can be close to $1000.