Girls Hockey Plays in Support of Concussion Safety


The Girls Hockey Team at the Annual "Pink in the Rink" Game in 2018. Credit: Williston Flickr

The Girls Varsity Hockey Team is holding its Annual “Pink in the Rink” event this weekend, but it’s not the first time the team has played in support of a cause.

On Jan. 29 the team’s game against Westminster was held in support of the Headway Foundation, a non-profit organization which aims to promote a safer sports culture, provide resources for patients, and enhance concussion evaluation protocols and accessibility.

Concussion injuries are a growing in concern in modern sports culture, and the Headway Foundation encourages athletes, in what it calls the “New Tough Pact,” to report symptoms of a concussion when they are experiencing them.

Emily Zambarano, Class of ’22, likes what the Headway Foundation stands for.

“I like how the Headway Foundation sheds light on the issues of concussion injuries, prevention, and awareness,” she said.

Kate McDermott, teammate and class of ’21, agreed with Emily.

” I really enjoyed that we got to have a Headway game,” she said. “It shows support for people who have had concussions and who are dealing with them. It also provides a good outlet for people to speak up about concussions.

Coach Talbot asked her players, she said, to make a pledge to sign the “New Tough Pact.” The team also put stickers on their helmets in support of the cause, and took pictures with Westminster’s team at the end.

“We came together, not only as [competitors], but as a community,” Kate added.