Ford Hits Mem in ‘Spur of the Moment’ Snowball Fight


Credit: Anna Richardson ’21

Residents of Ford Hall escaped supervision during the first snowfall of the year and were able to wreak havoc across the Williston Quad, although not without some consequences.

Shortly following Williston’s nightly study hall on Dec. 8, students from Ford began to flood the freshly coated quad, leaving tracks of snowboards, sleds, and boots. The loud triumphs from the rampant boys woke members of the Williston community up, leaving Ford’s head dorm parent, Tommy Beaton, upset with his dorms’ actions.

Although permission from dorm parent Mr. Bianchi to venture outside and enjoy the fresh snowfall was received, the intention was never to go to over to Memorial Hall. It was a decision developed in the spur of the moment.

Memorial Hall and its residents, both East and West, were bombarded with snowballs by members of Ford Hall at 10:45 P.M.

This is the first time an event as such has disrupted the Williston community, and certainly will be the last, according to the deans.

William Gaca, a senior proctor in Ford describes the snowball fight as unplanned, and spontaneous.

“After about 40 minutes of hanging around ford and the mini hill by the dining hall, we all just decided we wanted to attack Mem with snowballs so we ran over as one huge group,” Will said. “Unfortunately, security was called and we ran back over to Ford where we got a talking to from Coach Beaton and were all given points.”

Gavin Havens, a 18-year-old senior residing in Ford Hall, mentioned that although Coach Beaton was disappointed, the pure joy trumped any consequence.

“We were told that we were going to be given points but I don’t think anyone actually received one, I’m not too sure,” he said. “Coach Beaton wasn’t too happy about it because some people got woken up in Mem, either from the snowballs or the yelling, so he had a clear talk with us, but overall it was definitely worth it.”

The mid-week attack left students in Memorial Hall West feeling indignant early Thursday morning (Dec. 9), after head dorm parent Teddy Schaffer issued a dorm-wide text through WhatsApp stating, “Update – the snowball event last night was a one time thing! Nothing else like it ever. That’s just the way it’s going to go. Deans say that’s it.”

Ben Barth, a junior resident of Memorial Hall West, was pelted with a snowball during the attack, yet said he enjoyed the event, even if it resulted in an injury.

“After throwing my first snowball I went down to make another one,” he said. “I immediately stood up and turned my head away just to see another snowball coming straight for my left eye. In a quite literal ‘blink of an eye’ I was hit by the most accurate snowball throw I have ever seen and ended up retreating back to the safety of Mem. From there I looked in the mirror to see a black eye and a blue ring forming around my eye. I have to say, I never wanted to get a black eye any other way.”