Ford Hall Annual Pig Roast


Credit: Sam Milnes '18.

Spring time at Williston includes many different events, like Willy Gras, Commencement, and Prom. However, one slightly different event has students extremely excited: the pig roast.

On Sunday, May 12, members of the Ford Hall dormitory gathered around Andrew Syfu, Middle School Dean, and Will Eberle, Language Teacher, prepared the pig for students to eat. Although it may seem easy, this event doesn’t happen without hard work from the boys and the teachers.

At 6:30 a.m., Mr. Eberle and Mr. Syfu took Syfu’s pickup truck and drove ten minutes down the road to Outlook Farm in Westhampton, Mass., and picked up the 80-pound pig.

Outlook Farm has been around since 1781, and has a very extensive history. The farm offers several different sized pigs depending on your group. They start at 40 pounds, which can feed between 20 and 25 people, and go up to 160 pounds which can feed over 130 people. Depending on the size of the pig, the cooking time can take anywhere between five to 10 hours for an 80-pound pig.

Thomas Thibault ’19, one of the Williston students accompanying Eberle and Syfu to Outlook, explained what exactly goes into bringing this event to campus. “It’s a bigger process than just eating,” Thomas said. “It takes so long to prepare, so my hope is that people will come out and have a good time.”

Jake Durocher ’18, a former Williston student and Ford Hall resident reflected on last year’s pig roast. “It takes the farm around 12 hours just to prepare the pig for us to bring back to campus.”

He added, “The early morning was tough, but completely worth it because I had a great time with the boys and everybody around campus came out.”

Both Tim Rego ’19 and Joey Ford ’19, current seniors who live in Ford, are both very excited for the event. “It’s a great event that gets the Ford Hall boys together,” Tim said, “we all appreciate the faculty involved and their effort towards ensuring we have a great day and time.”