For Third Straight Week, Campus Remains Covid Free


For the third week in a row, Williston’s campus is Covid free.

After three weeks of on-campus classes beginning Sept. 1, weekly testing on Wednesdays have turned up zero positive cases for Covid-19.

On Sept. 9, about 700 Covid tests were administered under the tent in front of Reed. The PCR tests look for genetic material of the virus on a molecular level. Students have the option to have a nurse administer the nose swab, or they may administer the test themselves.

In an all-school assembly on Friday, Sept, 11, Associate Dean of Students David Koritkoski informed the community that all tests returned negative. The entire campus was again tested on Sept. 17; the tests turned up zero positive cases again.

In a community-wide email sent out Sept. 18 around 7:00 p.m., Kathy Noble, Dean of Students, wrote, “We are delighted to report that our weekly testing results again show zero cases of COVID-19 among our students, faculty, and staff. We are greatly encouraged that all our safety protocols, and the cooperation of the entire community, are keeping the virus at bay.”

Junior Natalie Stott told The Willistonian she was pretty surprised at the 100% negative tests.

“I thought at least one person was bound to have it, because of how quickly it can spread,” Natalie said. “I feel better now because it’s just a big relief to have everyone test negative. I guess I do feel safer — I wasn’t too worried about getting it, but it’s good to know that everyone has been doing what they should.”

Senior Quinn Berry is happy all the tests came back negative, and is now looking towards the future.

“I feel good,” Quinn, who lives in Ford, said, adding that he feels, “it should result in some restrictions loosening up.”

“I thought that it was great news,” said Sarah Sawyer, Head of the English Department. She’s worried, however, that just because everyone tested negative, that we’re in the clear.

“I’m worried that kids will be complacent about [safety],” she said.

Molly Kinstle, a senior day student from Easthampton, believes that restrictions could be lifted as long as day students stay extremely careful.

“I feel like we could loosen up with each other, as long as we keep day students doing what they’re supposed to, because we’d be the ones to bring [Covid] to campus,” she said.

Senior Poon Phentrakul is optimistic, yet still cautious about the virus finding its way onto campus.

“There’s always a chance that someone could bring Covid to campus, so the school should always be strict,” Poon said.