Food Truck Now Part of Campus Lunch Experience


Credit: Erin Chai

Williston has introduced a new method of eating on campus this year, adding a food truck behind Reed.

Due to the recent Covid pandemic, Williston acquired a food truck to try and promote social distancing during meal times on campus. This food truck went into effect at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.

Williston staff worked extremely hard this summer to create an environment that would make everybody on campus feel safe. The dining hall has always been the place where the community at large gathers to eat, but it is not large enough for the entire student body and faculty to safely social distance.

The food truck serves the same food as the dining hall every day and is staffed by employees who were previously working in the dining hall. A lot of students have preferred to go to the food truck over the dining hall, including Adam Shatz, a sophomore day student from Northampton, Mass., who said, “I’ve eaten eight or nine times from the food truck and it’s been smooth so far. I haven’t even eaten at the dining hall yet.”

Another new aspect that the food truck has added to campus life is eating outside on the quad.

“I like having the option to eat outside on the quad; it’s nice,” said Adam. There are two tents set up on the quad with plexiglass dividers between seats to encourage social distancing.

Some students still prefer the dining hall over the food truck. Zac Landon, a junior day student from Longmeadow, Mass., still likes the freedom of deciding how much he takes at every meal.

“I definitely still prefer the dining hall,” he said. “The dining hall line moves much quicker and I like being able to choose the portions of my food.” There are two separate lines set up in the dining hall in an attempt to speed up the process; the food truck only has one line.

The food truck has the added challenge of serving people at the same rate as the dining hall, but this becomes tough with only one line and such little space to operate.

“I don’t mind the food truck; the only difference is the food truck is more rushed,” said senior Sumner Kissane. “The food truck could be improved by adding more options,” he said.

Sumner does believe the food truck is helping to change the culture of eating at Williston.

“The food truck might not be single-handedly responsible for the change, but the school popularizing eating lunch outside is definitely a positive,” he said.