First Wave Of Promposals Sweeps Campus


Credit: Nhi Nguyen

Spring is right around the corner and some seniors have already planned out how they are going to score a prom date.

Prom is the last formal dance for the seniors and it symbolizes the end of their high school career. Some people do grand promposals, while others just simply ask the question. A lot of people go as couples while others go as friends.

Promposals have been a tradition in high schools for a while, especially for seniors. It is an elaborately staged request to be someone’s date to prom. This includes using witty puns and creative gestures, often accompanied with flowers, posters, and chocolates.

So far there have already been numerous promposals on campus.

Sydney Joyce ’19, promposed to Noah Brooks ’20 on March 30 with a poster that said, “Prom w/ you is my goal…so can I score a date???”  Sydney said “they’ve been friends for years” and she’s really excited to go to prom with him.

Reilly Gluz ’19 promposed to Sabrina Shao ’19 with a pizza with the word “Prom?” spelled out with pepperoni, while blasting “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift.

Sabrina explained that they have a tradition to go to Village Pizza with a bunch of people, usually swimmers.

“He wrote on the outside of the box, ‘It takes a village to raise a child, It takes Village Pizza to raise Sabrina’ and in the box he wrote, ‘You belong with me at PROM,’” she said. “I didn’t know what was happening, I thought it was funny when he promposed.”

Ari Koumentakos ’19 promposed to Sydney Ewell ’20 with a box of donuts. “Prom” was spelled out with icing with two other donuts saying “yes” or “no.” Inside the box it said, “Donuts are the bomb, Do me a favor and come with me to prom?”

“I had an idea that he was going to ask me to prom,” Sydney said. “I wasn’t shocked, but it was cute and I was happy about it.”

Michael Zhang ’19 asked Jisoo Hwang ’21 to prom right before the residential dinner on April 12 outside Mem.  He had a box of Georgetown Cupcakes and a poster that said “Pretty sweet if you went to prom with me,” followed by Jisoo’s name in Korean:.

“I had no idea, I genuinely thought he was coming to give me cupcakes,” Jisoo said. “Even Sara [Johnson], my roommate, said it was kind of weird for him to just come for cupcakes. I thought he just bought a lot of them,” she said.

Insoo Kang ’19 promposed to Nhi Nguyen ’19 on April 17 before their first home track meet, (Nhi is the manager of the track team). He asked a friend of Nhi’s, Simon Kim ’19, to take her to the track so she “wouldn’t be suspicious.”

Nhi said, “As I walked closer, I saw a lot of balloons and then I asked Simon, ‘Why are there so many balloons?’  Simon said, ‘It’s just to welcome the other teams,’ and I believed him.”

“Suddenly Simon told me to look down. There were words on the ground telling me to look up. Insoo taped the words ‘PROM?’ on the hurdles. He also had a poster that said, ‘I would get on my “Nhi”ss  to take you to prom.’”

Tyler Thomas ’19 promposed to Abbie Coscia ’19 on the bridge with balloons, chocolate, and flowers. A couple of Abbie’s friends, including Gates MacPherson ’19, Ellie Wolfe ’19, and Stella Piasecki ’19 were there to help set up the event.

Ellie said she, Gates, and Stella “spent an hour taping the balloons to the bridge. It was so windy, and they kept falling off. We also got a bunch of basketball guys to hold the chocolate he gave her, and Gates and I were holding bouquets of flower at the edge of the bridge.”