Fashion Forward Students Start @Wildcatwears


Although there is a dress code system to follow at the school, students manage to embody their identities through the outfits they put together. Especially after a year of Covid-19 and strict restrictions, students have been more longing to try new styles and expand the versatility of their outfits.

Adeline Hume, a senior applying to colleges for fashion management this year, feels her style has evolved throughout her time at Williston.

“I think my style has definitely changed a lot over the course of the time I’ve been at high school,” Adeline said. “Right now, I would just describe my style as being different everyday. For the most part, I think it’s pretty casual and laid back.”

Adeline specified which clothing pieces and accessories she enjoys wearing on a daily basis.

“I love a nice statement boot. A lot of people at school have probably seen me wearing different white boots. I have two pairs of white boots that I wear all the time. I also love jeans too” she said.

Sarah Drucker, a senior from Great Barrington, Mass., also reflected on her style and fashion favorites.

“My style, I would say, is a good mix of thrifted pieces and stuff I’ve bought in person. I would say it’s muted-tired if I had to describe it in a few words” she said.

Sarah’s favorite thrift stores include Goodwill, Salvation Army, and ones in her hometown, including Catwalk.

Not too long ago, Sarah and a few Williston students created an Instagram account to showcase different outfits at Williston.

“I think everyone should go follow @wildcatwears, where we’re documenting the best upcoming style at Williston” she said.  “I think some people are nailed in the head and not getting appreciated enough for it.”

Not only does @wildcatwears highlight eye-catching outfits produced by students, it is an opportunity for those interested in fashion to interact on a social media platform most students use. Inspired by other fashion based accounts such as @parisiensinparis and @humansofny on Instagram, @wildcatwears has been grabbing the attention of many Williston students.

Recent posts on @wildcatwears showcase outfits by students such as Dore Adeosun, a junior with a great interest in fashion and founder of her own jewelry brand, “inam x iman jewelry,” who put together an outfit that incorporates both the grunge and preppy look. She combined a yellow lace skirt and pearl necklace with silver chains and chunky black boots.

Dore and Adeline are also in the process of originating a fashion club for Williston, where students with an interest in fashion will get an opportunity to gather together and participate in fashion related events to be held at the school.