Governor Cuomo in Hot Water for Sexual Assault Allegations


Chris Rank

Photos from the opening of the new Delta Air Lines terminal in LaGuardia Airport in Queens, NY, on Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2019. (Chris Rank for Rank Studios)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is in hot water after several accusations of sexual assault, and lawmakers are calling for him to leave office.

Beginning in February 2021, several women have come out with accusations that the governor allegedly asked for information on his female colleagues’ sex lives when catching them alone at work.

The first instance, according to New York Times, occurred when Charlotte Bennett, Cuomo’s former Executive Assistant and Health Policy Advisor, accused Governor Cuomo of sexually harassing her late last spring.

Bennett, 25, revealed after leaving office in November 2020, Cuomo had harassed her many times during her time in office, asking her if she thought age mattered in romantic relationships and if she was open to sleeping with older men.

In a series of interviews after her reassignment, she mentioned one of the most uncomfortable interactions she had with Cuomo. After work, Cuomo caught Bennett in a room alone and he said he was open to having relationships with women in their 20s (Cuomo is 63 years old). After numerous encounters like this, Bennett thought her best option was to quit and find work elsewhere.

Azhara Ewen, a freshman from New York, is concerned with the leadership of her state. She would worry for her safety in the presence of Governor Cuomo.

“It kind of scares me that powerful people in my state are capable of such things… I would be very uncomfortable if I was in a room alone with Governor Cuomo,” she said.

Betsy Gaurdreau, another freshman from New York, does not want him in office moving forward if the accusations prove to be true.

“I think it’s disgusting and really bad. If it was true then I would say he was a horrible person and should step down from office,” she said.

Allison Marsland, a member of the Williston Faculty and head of the 194, all-girls dorm, is concerned about people believing the accusations, and worries about the voices that may go unheard.

“I feel that women should be believed, and so I think they should all be investigated and that in all likely hood the women are telling the truth, and all should expose the fact that he will need to resign and be prosecuted,” she said.

Nearly all of the democrats in New York’s congressional delegation have suggested that Cuomo should step down. Some of them argue that he has lost his ability to govern.

Other recent political leaders that have stepped down because of sexual harassment accusations include Eric Schneiderman, New York Attorney General, Congressman Tim Murphy, and Ruben Kihuen, a member of The United States House of Representatives for Nevada.

Governor Cuomo continues to get himself into trouble. Most recently he was discovered to be getting vaccines early for his family members, calling it a priority.