Conant is Back


Credit: Kyle Caddo.

After being closed for what was supposed to be its final year, Conant house has been reopened for boarding 10th, 11th and 12th grade boys, for what is supposedly its final year. 

At the end of the school year in 2018, Conant was closed permanently in its 91st year on campus, or so we thought. Due to a large influx of boarding boys on campus, the school was forced to reopen Conant house in order to provide enough housing for all of them.  

In the past Conant has been used to house 20 to 30 boys, with most rooms being used as doubles, however this year most of the rooms are singles, with only one being used as a double. With the residents being more spread out, the dorm only houses 13 boys, three of which are proctors.   

Senior proctor from Conant house Jackson Strout had strong views on this matter, saying; “I think it’s a really great thing that Conant was re-opened” Said Strout, while also speaking of the nostalgia of being back in the dorm. 

Jackson also spoke highly of the size of the rooms in Conant, being that they were originally doubles, “The rooms are really big, even when they were used as doubles, so now that they are singles everyone has a lot of space which is really nice.”  

Although the rooms are large and the comaradarie is high, Jackson also addressed the elephant in the room about Conant, the walk. “It’s really not that bad, everyone used to talk about how bad it is, but in reality, its manageable.”  

Along with the great dorm spirit and comaraderie, the boys of Conant felt it important to add that they have; “Willympics in the bag,” going as far as practicing and preparing for this event to determine who is the most proficient at each event.  

After spending his sophomore year in Conant in its supposed last year, David Costello 20’ is elated to return to it for his final year at Williston.  

“It feels good to be back home” said Costello, while also speaking highly of the room quality and size that Conant provides, that are “like no other.”